The inkwell round #27/The same mirror.

Jane looked at herself in the mirror.
She couldn't help but smile at the image she saw.
The reflection was a complete replica of what she presented in front of it there was no additional beauty to what she gave the and again there was no form of reduction to her beauty.

Jane is a complete epitome of beauty, there has been much complement from people around her.

All the complement received from people is not enough as she still needs something to convince her the more on what people have been telling her about her beauty.

And the mirror is a perfect place to confirm this.

Life can be the mirror to our lives as it presents to us exactly the way we present it without any form of addiction or subtraction.

Jane was ignorant of that and then she decided to appear rude to the people around her taking absolute advantage of her looks. Unknown to her life gives exactly what you give to it.

But then Jane is up to the point when suitors started coming for her hand in marriage, but Jane had her eyes on high-class lifestyle as she sees all the guys who come for her as not capable and fit enough to handle her wellbeing. While jane was busy making out time to select who the best and right person will be the time was busy ticking fast and the mirror was always there to give back what is presented to it.

At a time the number of suitors was at about 25 to 30 and at that time she was feeling at the top of the world. Her rude attitude was on the rise but the surprising thing is that she had a good number of adherents.

But then the number of people began to reduce with time but then it did not occur to her as it was long she visited her mirror at that she was still busy with the kind of life she felt was good for her without considering the people around her.

After a while Jane discovered the number of followers dropped drastically, suitors that were ranging from 25 to 30 dropped to just 5 people it was still a good number to an extent, but little did she know that it will come a time when she will have to beg people to follow her or even call her name.

But not long the time showed up when things began to turn the other way round and the complement was not further coming followers reduced drastically even the number of suitors dropped.



Jane went back to the same mirror.

The mirror that showed to her how beautiful she was, the same mirror showed how ugly she has become.

At first, she thought the mirror is at fault then she decided to clean but it was coming from her.

That mirror is the same it did not change but she is the one who has changed. Life can also treat us in the same manner with the mirror it all depends on how we present our part.

If you present beauty you will get beauty in return and if you present the opposite of it you will get as presented.

Life itself is a mirror try as much as possible to make it look positive and the rest of the ones living on earth will be fully accomplished. Without any form of regret.

Jane realized how she has hurt and scared so many people away from her life but then it has already become too late to make amends as the center of attraction is gone already.

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