The inkwell prompt round #37.

Whats is this James asked in excitement as the joy of visiting one of his father's old houses is overwhelming.



The building is an ancient building, his father built it in the early 90s.

So that makes the place a special place.
The family visits there just in a blue moon and it's always during the summer break.

His Dad responded its a Halloween lantern.
The design captivated James fantasy he couldn't help but look closely at it.

He couldn't wait for the night to come so he can see how the lantern works.

His Dad tried to show him some places in the house since he is new although not new.

The last time they visited the place James was just 5 months old.

He found the whole place so fascinating.

The sun moved slowly to its setting James mother tried to tidy the house since been a long since someone visited the place.

That couldn't give her the time to prepare a meal for the night.
So the family took tea and bread as they go to bed.

His Dad light up all the lanterns and finally the Halloween lamp James was so excited looking at how the fire burned in it.

This will be in my room James said to his father.

Ok, no problem the father replied.

But then something mysterious happened.

Hello, can you hear me? James jumped up from his bed Dad is that you?

Ohhh know is not your dad it's me over here James could not help but try to run out of the room but again the door was locked he was about at the top of his voice for help but all to no avail no one could hear him out.

Again the voice continue, my friend James how are you doing but James replied at the top of his voice im, not your friend please let me go.

I am not going to hurt you the voice replied again.

Ok then shows yourself I need to see who is talking to me, James this time trying to be even more courageous.

Oak's me the Halloween lantern.

What!!!! James almost hit his head as he struggles to open the door.

Since the door was not opening he turned to the lantern.

What do you want from me this time the fear elapsed a bit and more courage has to be built.

I just want you to be my friend that all the lantern replied.

Ok, James replied.

But you will have to promise not to tell anyone about me the lantern continued. But why this time James going close to the lantern because I might be destroyed if anyone knows about this.

Ok, I promise not to tell anyone, James replied.

But you are amazing to tell me these futures you have are not just fashionable since you have a mouth and you can talk and eyes to even see. Just that you can't walk or even do anything on your own since you don't even have a hand.

The lantern laughed and asked how do you think that door was firmly locked and by who do you think.

I see so how did you do it James replied.
It's all about magic. Simple.

So you can do magic James in excitement asked.

Then you have to prove it to me.

What do you want me to do the lantern asked.

I need chocolate James replied and at the blink of his eyes, a chocolate pack was in front of him. Wowwww!!!

This is interesting, but I have to go to bed as it's midnight.

Ok, then I will just allow you to sleep the lantern replied and then a sweet melodious song that helped James to sleep even faster.
James woke up and looked at the lantern good morning but there was no reply. Or was I dreaming he said to himself as he glanced at the lantern.

Good morning James he turned and this time it was his father, good morning Dad James replied let's go breakfast is ready. Alright as he sluggishly stood up from his bed walked to the bathroom brushed his teeth and walked down to the dining.

The thought continued was I dreaming or was it real.

I will have to wait for the night to come again so I can be sure of what happened yesterday.

After much toiling and everything, the night came again but there was nothing he spent the whole night in that house and the lantern did not say anything for 2 weeks in total.

The last night he was to spend in the house as the break is over and the family will be going back to their house in the city.

Then again the voice came again my friend. This time James was very sure it's not a dream. Why didn't you talk all this while? I don't talk all the time I only talk on the first and last night one will spend with me.

Till next when you visit again. Ok, James replied.

So I will want to give you something as a gift as you go back you will have to make a wish, just one wish.

Now let's make it 5 James replied as so many things ran through his mind.
No, it has to be just one the lantern replied.

If you were the one what will your wish be?

Thanks for passing by.

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