The inkwell fiction/ Holiday gone wrong.


Amaka has waited for this time to come as she only had the privilege to travel once to her hometown every two years.

It used to be a whole lot of excitement because she is always seen and treated special. Her grandma will not want anything to happen to her and whatever she needs she gets.

This is the reason why Amaka will always want to do her holiday in her hometown.

Amaka, her Dad called mind you we will not be travelling in our car, we will be travelling by the commercial bus.'' Ok, Dad age responded with much excitement not even wanting to know why they won't be going in their private car. All she knows is that they will be travelling and that's her major concern.

It's the 24th day of December, which is the date they always travel.

So Amaka's Dad packed all the logs called a tricycle to drop them off at the nearest motor park where they can board a car to their home town which is about a 5 hours trip from the city.

Not quite long before they got to the park, there he saw a lot of people who are also travelling just like she is, a lot of old, young and even little children like her. Are all these people travelling as well? She asked her Dad, yes dear a simple reply he gave to her.

She thought to herself how wonderful this trip will be with a whole lot of people like this.

Her joy began to diminish slowly as they stay for almost an hour at the park without moving,

Is there no car for the trip? She asked her dad and her dad pointed to a bus stocked with lots of loads and said that is the car we will be travelling with.


But one person remains to complete the number of people in the car.

Where is the person? She asked again.

Well, I don't know if we will wait until another traveller comes and fills the car. That's only when our car starts the journey. How long will it take before the person come? I don't know my dear he calmly replied but don't worry we will soon leave this place.

And the joy of the trip was beginning to turn into sadness as it was taking longer than expected to get to her village.

But what if the person does come? The person will come my dear. But it is getting late.

Yes dear but don't worry we will get to the village today.

As the question and answer were going on the last passenger just walked into the park. This is the person we are waiting for. Her dad pointed to the man as he walked in with his bag.

Why did he come late?

I don't know my dear, pick your things, let's join the bus.

They hurriedly walked to the bus where they secured sits for themselves.

The journey began not quite long after they left the park the bus developed an issue which was fixed in no time and they continued their trip.

After a long time, that's about 1 hour after they left the point where they fixed the first issue.

The car developed another problem that was beyond the repair of the driver except for the presence of a mechanic.

It took a very long time before they got the car fixed.

Amaka was now becoming angry with her dad for not using his car.

But Amaka's father wanted Amaka to feel and know what less privileged people are facing outside the world.

She grumbled and murmured alone since she knew her dad would not tolerate any nonchalant attitude from her.

She has never had respect for people who are in the lower class.

Her dad thought it wise to use that to put her on the same level as these people.

Amaka, her dad called, said that after they got to the village very late at night the stress and everything got her tired so she reluctantly answered, sir.

This is how we will be doing this until you start having respect for people at the lower level.

But, there is no but her dad replied. Goodnight.

She never enjoyed her holiday as she thought of what her dad told her all through until when the holiday was over.

Do goi think this action taken by Amaka's father will help transform her into what he wants her to be?

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