The ink well promptfor the week./ Center for relaxation and atrocities.

Hello, the inkwell community let me deviate a bit with prompt.

More like a comedy.



Drake and his friends always go to the graveyard to share their stolen property as they see the place as the safest for them to comfortably share the property amongst themselves without any form of distraction or even fear of being caught.

Countless times that venue has been the venue for such action.

But then it has always been quitely since they know people use the road at the back of the cemetery very well.

Dickson, a drunkard who always sit at the back of the cemetery to relax after taking much alcohol.

Because he finds there more comforting and relaxing since there is not much noise there.

So the cemetery has to turn into a relaxation centre and also for sharing of stolen property.

This has been happening for a very long time but the funny stuff is that these guys have never by any chance met.

So, one day Drake and his friend went to the market where they stole a lot of orange from a market seller.

As usual, they decided to take it to where it will be shared. While jumping the fence of the cemetery with orange two of the oranges fell off from the bag outside the cemetery but since they had more than enough they decided to ignore those.

So the sharing commenced.
Here is your own, this is my own.
Here is your own, this is my own.
Here is your own, this is my own.

The counting continued repeatedly as they both take one after each for themselves.

Dickson at this time was very drunk and so decided to go to his normal relaxation centre.

On getting to that point Dickson overheard two voices telling themselves here is your ls and this is mine.

Out of curiosity, he walked closer to the point to get the voice.

He couldn't believe his ears. So Dickson quickly ran to the house of a priest and said to him please come With me something terrible is happening at the graveyard.

what is it? The priest quickly responded.

Please come and hear for yourself.

God and Devil are sharing the dead people in the cemetery. How is this possible the priest asked so they quickly ran to the place?

Again the voice continued.

Here is your own, this is my own.
Here is your own, this is my own.

And finally, the counting stopped.
Dickson, could it be that they have finished taking their share?

Then they heard the voice come up again.

Remember, there are two left outside.
Immediately Dickinson and the priest heard that statement.

They took to their heels without considering each other.

To the greatest surprise of Dickson, the priest ran even more than him.

The question is, Is the priest suppose to run?

Or could it be that the priest is also afraid of dying?

Thanks for passing by.

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