The ink well prompt #59/ Hope on the way.

"The landlord said he is adding an extra 1 week to our stay and if we are unable to meet up within this period means we will have to pack out of this house." Her husband said in a calm tone.

Mistress Francisca and her husband have been through a lot as things grew from bad to worse.

How will we afford 30,000nairas in two weeks for the house rent, we barely feed not to talk of paying the rent. Mistress Francisca muttered as she quietly left her husband in the sitting room to the bedroom pushing her already 8 months and about 2 weeks pregnant with her hands around her waist. Her pregnancy is almost due for delivery; she is only waiting for the date fixed, which is also a week from that time.

We aren't even talking of the baby coming. How are we going to pay the hospital bills, baby food, clothes, and even some baby drugs she said to herself, tears rolling down her eyes.

Don't think about the baby's welfare, her husband caressed her on the shoulder as he tried to make her feel better even though he is only trying to act like a man. He hugged her tightly to himself with tears also rolling down his eyes.

But I know the baby is not coming to join us in this.

There is still hope and I believe things will get to become even better than we expected.

So wipe your tears and cheer up. He said to his wife as he watched her face to face. Ok, she smiled at him just to make him feel better as well.

Time drew closer just like magic and Mistress Francisca and her husband still lookup for a better day ahead but certainly before the birth of their baby and the deadline for their house rent.

Two days before the deadline Mr Grant received a call from one of the numerous places he had submitted his job application to resume work the following day after several months of his interview with this particular organization.

He was given the post of an accountant with a good start in the salary and also an apartment himself and his family.

The Magic happened and now Mr Grant had enough money as the sum of 1.8million was transferred into his account. His appointment letter was handed over to him.

All this happened a day before the deadline for his rent and on that same deadline for his rent, his wife went into labor and she was rushed to the hospital where she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.

Blossom, that is the name Mr Grant mentioned, immediately heard the good news.

I knew she wasn't coming to join us in our predicament.



Happily, they continued to live with all the good things coming their way.

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