The ink well prompt#39./ LOVE IN SHADOW

Go and meet Dad to help you, I can not help you in this case Bridget yelled at her younger sister Miracle.



But why are you doing this to me?

Miracle said as she shed tears from her eyes. But you know Daddy is no longer alive so how do you expect me to cope when I know you are capable of meeting my needs.

Big sis please if there is any way I have wronged you I beg you to please forgive me, Miracle continued to cry but all to no avail as Bridget will not even look to her side.

20 years ago

Daddy, I made it again, Miracle ran to her dad with her result. It was spiffy she flashed A's on her result sheet as she showed it to her dad.

That's my daughter. You are the best. I am proud of you. Where is Bridget, your sister? I know she is a dummy and will always come home with a bad result sheet to present to me after spending my hard-earned money on her education.

Bridget was never happy back then as a kid as she felt oppressed by her younger sister Miracle since she always get what she wanted from their father but Bridget will not always get what she wants since her performance in school is always poor.

That has caused Bridget, to hate her sister and as time goes on their father died and just the both of them were left to survive all by themselves.

Bridget went into fashion where she makes clothes for people and she is being paid while miracle on the other hand tried as much as possible with petty trading to sponsor herself through school. As time went on things began to go well with Bridget as she made a lot of money and on the other hand, Miracle was finding it difficult to survive since she had to join but her education and work wasn't easy.

She tried until she got to the final stage of her education but at this point, the demand pressing was too heavy on her that she couldn't carry or rather bear alone and so she had to look for a helping hand and at that time Bridget was already floating in millions of dollars.

Miracle said to herself how can I have a sister who is as rich as she is now and still goes through all these challenges.

That was when she decided to meet Bridget.

This brought us to the beginning of this story where Bridget was telling Miracle to meet their late father for her needs.

Miracle looked up to Bridget as tears ran out of her eyes uncontrollably. The single fact that I never supported Dad when he talks bad about you shows how much I love you, the single fact that I always try to share whatever Dad got for me tell how much I love the single Fact that I never despised you as a sister despite the challenge tells how much I have you at heart.

All these I do just to see that we keep the relationship as siblings but you always repelled all my effort counting it to be useless and wasted one.

And now you sit here telling me to go and meet a man who no longer lives to meet my need, I don't have a problem with that, I will leave but register it in your heart that I will never treat you with disparities you are my sister and will continue to be my sister and don't forget to call on me whenever you need my assistance I love you, Bridget.

As Miracle made her way out when her sister's voice echoed I LOVE YOU, to Miracle.

Please come back. I have longed to be like you, you are a kind-hearted person with no offence. It's just the annoyances of what dad did to me that I tried to extend to you.

Please forgive me, from now henceforth I promised to treat you like a sister which you are, Miracle ran into the arms of Bridget and they became Family again.

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