The ink well promot #57/ The law doesn't affect the makers.

"Kabir, a son of a popular Senator, was caught in the act of drug trafficking." (News of the day)



A law was passed by these same people that anyone caught in such activities should be sentenced to 20 years imprisonment with hard labor. Mr B said to his friend who is not conversant with the news in the country.

2 weeks ago a poor man was caught with some little stuff and he was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. What a pitty the caught got hold of him simply beacsue his fellow poor masses handed him over to them.

Now it's one of the senior citizens son lets see how it goes.

Lets's see if the law will be kept or broken since it has affected them.

Kabir is to be taken to court on the 25th of march for the judgment to take place. I will follow these cases and see what the end will be. Mr B concluded his discussion with his friend.

But you know the end of the case considering the country you find yourself in. You know these people will manipulate things in their favor since they are the engine in the government. His friend said as he walked Mr Boutto his car.

What a country with a useless bunch of people governing it. Mr B murmured as he entered his car.

Days passed by as Mr B quietly and gently wait for the 25th to come.

Finally, the day came and Kabir was taken to court for judgment.

Considering the position of his father the case was adjourned until after three months with a flimsy excuse of not having tangible evidence that will tie him down to the extent of sentencing him.


This country is a mess Mr B was angry over what just happened in the court but he was caught red-handed. Where did all the evidence go?

He murmured to himself as he walked to his car.

These guys make the law but once it catches up with them all they do is manipulate and make themselves look irrelevant. But when a poor man is caught in such an act the law will be very effective on him just because he is a commoner.

Three months came and here they are in the court again but Mr B was surprised when after so many contradictory views the judge passed the judgment in favor of Kabir the senator's son saying since there is no concrete evidence to prove that Mr Kabir is caught with illicit drugs then he is hereby set free from the court of law with no charges against him.

And that is how a victim is released simply because his father is among those who made the law.

What a country.

As a commoner, you just have to leave the right part so you don't fall victim to these people who are heartless when it falls in a commoner's house but heartfelt when it comes in their house.

They make the rule, keep it when they are not the victim but break it once they are called victims over a crime committed.

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