The ink well fiction prompt 20/ the camp that made me wealthy.

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I stroll around the forest, though it's a forest it's more of a tourist attraction as so many people visit the place during vacation.
It's summer and the best time to go camping as there will be no snow all natures will be free to express their wonderful nature.
We kept moving as we were shown some of the ancient status and natures with their meaning.
I kept wondering how these things came into existence as we move. It came to my head when we were shown a stone that was just on-air and not touching the ground.
How is this possible?
We were all in awe, I marvel how the law of gravity doesn't affect heavy objects like this.
The person putting us through mentioned that the stone is mystical can not be touched as anyone who touches can be affected either positively or negatively.
I got that registered in my subconscious mind. I was curious about it so the tour for the day come to an end, I went to the tourist and asked him what kind of effect does that stone cause on one when it's been touched.
The man replied it has the power to cause one to become rich and it also has equal power to make someone lose his life, I asked are you sure of what you just said yes the man replied in the history of the stone a man was lucky to be rich when he touched the stone but in the past 10 years more than 15 people loosed their lives as they try to touch and ever since then no one went close or even attempted touching it since one doesn't know when it will take someone life and when it will make someone wealthy.

I quietly went back to my tent with so many thoughts running through my mind.
Can this be a good opportunity to become wealthy? What if I lose my life?
The two questions strolled through my heart as the night became very long because I couldn't sleep.
3 nights after that day I thought deeply within me as I made my mind up to go and touch the stone ready to accept whatever consequences that come but .y instinct was strong that the outcome is going to be positive.
The night before the day of our vacation I packed my logs and made my way straight to the position where the stone is.
I was surprised to find a man there I quickly hid as I watch closely at him that was when it occurred to me that I was not the only one with such thoughts, the man stood there for a very long time and finally decided to leave. Maybe he is afraid he might lose his life. But I called immediately he took a step he turned he is my neighbor as his tent is close to mine.

Why didn't you touch it I asked and he said I aI afraid it might turn to be negative he said. Are you here to touch it as well he asked yes I replied.
So are you going to touch it? He asked again.
Yes, of course, I replied to him. Then go ahead he instructed me.

I looked at him and said why don't you go first he replied I don't want to die.

And I said to him life is all about risk if you don't take one you will not get to where you aim at.

As I passed that word to him I stretched my hand and touched the stone. To our greatest surprise the stone gently went down and this time around it was resting on the ground we all looked with marvel and after some time it went back to its original position but when I discovered something under the stone it was a shiny object then I picked it.


It's a diamond that is as big as my fist I picked it with a heart filled with joy then quickly the other man ran and touched it but it became more terrifying when there was a thunderstorm and the lightning struck the man and right before my eyes the man fell as corps.
Out of fear I quickly ran to my tent.
The following morning the camp attendant called to our attention that the mysterious stone has killed someone. We all walked down to the place and discovered his corps was black beyond recognition, it was a pity and that could be me I asked myself the question what if he had touched the stone first I would have been the dead person here. But all the same, some people fall for others to rise and don't forget life itself is a risk learn to take the risk.
I went away with my ๐Ÿ’Ž worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

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