The ink well fiction prompt#21/ mane street or main street.

Drake drove into the street in search of her but it was a bit confusing When he saw all the houses and the street looking alike with almost the same features.


Indeed this is going to be a tough one he said to himself.

He wanted to call but then he remembered she did not give him her phone contact She only gave out her house address it was meant to be a game of love.

But where do I start searching for her he said to himself, she did not even give me her name who will I even ask even if she had told me her name he lamented all by himself.

But she said mane street where do I locate the main street, the two words sound almost the same but my issue now is not the mane street but instead, the main street where I can locate this lady drake sat reluctantly in his SUV as he watches carefully if he could see someone who will at least put him through in his adventure.

Not quite long he saw a lady from behind, walking in the same direction where he was facing, he quickly starts his engine as he said to himself this is as easy as anything I never knew I will just see her out here.

The lady, in particular, was wonderfully made with all features that every man will need and she looked like the lady he was looking for in the main street.

Ooops am sorry I am looking for someone and she looks exactly like you. What's her name, please? The question struck his head as he reluctantly responded I don't know her name but I will recognize her when I see her.

Again she said to him to call her phone, but again he responded I don't have her contact this is serious and that made him look like a fool who doesn't know what he is doing.

But how can you go in search of someone whom you barely know Drake quickly responded she told me she stays in the mane street the third house by the left.

You are in the main street, owk but if I am in the mane street the house you came out from is the house I am looking for then.



Yes but that's my house and I don't stay with anyone so am sorry maybe you are in the wrong street.

It got Drake worried and he reluctantly entered his SUV, he said to himself could it be that the lady just gave me a fake address and why did she decide to punish me this much he muttered to himself. Just as he was about to drive out of the street then he saw another guy who was walking in opposite direction.

Should I ask this guy or should I just leave to save myself more embarrassment because he is going to ask me just the same questions the other lady asked and if I am unable to answer the guy will just look at me as one dummy who doesn't know what he is doing?

But then Drake summoned the courage to ask him but the question was a different one.
Please am I in mane Street? Yes, he answered with a smile all over his face I was tempted to ask another question but then He kept to his peace.

The guy looked at Drake and said to him which of these do you mean MANE or MAIN.
Wow thanks very much, Drake replied the one with the spelling MANE

If it's the Mane then you are in the wrong street.
Go back from the entrance of the estate then take the street by your left that is the MANE street.

I appreciate your assistance thank you very much. Then again he started his engine and made straight to MANE Street on getting there he counted the houses from the left just to get to the actual house.

But just as he finished counting he saw the same lady on the Main street coming out of the house but this time with a bicycle

The question is did he go back to the MAIN STREET or is the lady the one he is looking for?



He opened his eyes wide in surprise as another lady walked out of the house with a bicycle also and this time it was the one he was looking for.

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