The ink well fiction./ changing the content in the foil.

Daddy is coming with a package wrapped with a foil Jake said to his siblings as they bounce up and down rejoicing over an unseen package.

What could it be today? Duke asked.

A barbecue, Linda answered. They all laughed knowing how impossible it is.


Mr Jackson is a roadside mechanic who works hard to see that he puts food on the table for himself and the children since his wife passed on things seem to be even more difficult since there was no help coming forth from anyone.

It has been just him and he alone. He struggles to pay all bills, house rent, light bills, and water bills.

All these are essentials that need to be met in life, food is the most essential need for the family as we all need to eat so we can be strong to settle all other problems.

He couldn't afford to pay for his children's school fees as what he gets is barely enough for house consumption. So he took it upon himself to take the children on tutorials since he couldn't afford a private home lesson teacher.

So he makes it to work on time and makes sure he comes back on time to have some small lesson with the children before then Linda must have prepared what they will have for dinner.

He tries his best to make the family happy with the little he has. So after work every day, he tries to buy cake wrapped in foil just to make the children happy.

(Back to where we stopped).

They laughed but then Linda continued today might be different from all other days, well Linda you know it is impossible as the cost of barbecue is far too expensive and you know daddy doesn't earn much that will be enough for us to feed not to talk of getting a barbecue.

But Linda insisted and stood her ground with a positive thought all this discussion just within a little period covering the distance between where they sighted their dad to the house.

Finally, Mr Jackson got home and the children all welcomed him, as usual, all excited they took in his working tools and then decided to uncover the foil they all were amazed by what their eyes saw.

A BARBECUE Jake screamed at the top of his voice Excite was written all over his face this is the first daddy is coming with such a thing.

Today must be a special day just like Linda predicted.

So dad, what is the good news? Jake asked with all curiosity they all paid good attention to what their dad had to say.

Well from now henceforth there will be no more hardship as God has answered our prayers and has blessed us with a contract worth millions of dollars.

Linda asked how it happened.

Good deed Their father replied.

Do good to whoever comes your way. Went further to tell his children. Work I took as nothing turned out to become something just because of the simple act of a good deed.

I have been hired as the government official automobile mechanic. It means I am now in charge of repair, services and anything that has to do with government cars. And the pay is going to be done in hundreds of thousands.

And that's just it he concluded with tears rolling down his eyes.

How I wish your mother was here to witness this wonderful day, she has always said it. "A day will come when things will be better even more than we expect it". And now is the time and she is not here to see it.

What a life.

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