The ink well fiction/ Attractive Danger.

The sparks looked good as it splits in the air we were attracted to them and so Jude said let's go and see for our self where this light is coming from and know what exactly is happening there.



It might be a great celebration he continued, it's usually enormous and vibrant whenever fireworks display. Yes, I know but I don't think going there is a good idea, I kicked against it. It's already late the time then was 8:34 pm and you know we didn't leave the house with our phones mum will be greatly disturbed if she doesn't see us in the next few minutes.

I know Jude replied but we should go and see so we will have a story to tell at least we will experience it with our eyes and aside from that, I know that we will have a lot of fun.

He instead that we go there, after much argument we decided to make our way down to the place it was indeed a nice thing the light kept coming up and splitting into several colors the view was so pleasant to the eyes we walked through a narrow road with mixed feelings because we didn't know where we were going too but all Jude wants is just for us to get there.

The place was filled with many fun people drinking and eating there was music and some were dancing, Jude was right when he said there will be fun.

We stood there with our mouth in awe of most things that happen even though I was a bit conscious of the time so we don't keep late hours outside, the time moved swiftly that we didn't infer when it clocked 10 pm, Jude lets go home please it's late but all Jude kept saying is let's stay for a while he was enjoying the activities going on I too was enjoying it though but I was still thinking of how will mum be feeling at home as the time seems not to be friendly the next time I checked to know what time is it I discovered its 45 minutes past midnight.
What!!! almost 1 am, I screamed Jude how do we go home this late just as I cautioning him about time I discovered a man walked past us without a face.

Jude seems not to see that when I said look he turned but before then the man is moved, I was even more terrified when I saw that while he was shouting he discovered that the man close to him had changed his looks and this time he doesn't look like a normal human instead it was something appall Jude screamed and held me lets leave but immediately he mentioned that word we discovered we were already surrounded.

That was when I remember an adage an old man once told me, "Be careful of the kind of festival you attend else you will one day be used as a meal for a festival".



Then I said to Jude we are the meal for this festival, we stood back to back Jude cried loud as we were surrounded by these good-looking people who suddenly turned into fearful-looking creatures. The only thing that could come to my head at that point is run, then I whispered into Jude's ear the single word RUN.

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