The ink well fiction #52. The Signature.

Artist character description.

Happy birthday, ma'am, John said as he dropped a big frame on his CEOs table.

Thanks, John and what could this be she enquired, I don't know if someone said I should give it to you, you might want to open it and see whatever is inside.

Hay, John, come back here, have I not told you not to collect things from strangers? But this came through a post office so what do I think I should do? He replied in a soft tone as he turned to walk out of the office.

Hay, oga come back here we are opening this together, what if it's a latter bomb you want me to die alone right she said jokingly.

Alright ma, he walked back and stood right in front of her table as she unraveled the present.

Wow!!! She exclaimed this is beautiful, it's a nice painting of her with a little writing on a small piece of paper. Happy birthday from a heart that cares and loves you.

Now Jennifer is a well known and famous young lady who owns one of the biggest organizations in town.

But she has one problem. She doesn't have time for men, that is probably because she is busy looking at how she will make more money.

She had believed that all men are scammers ever since she experienced two who came in the name of love but all they were after was her money.

So for that fact she never gave attention to any man who comes her way for a relationship.

This is the second if not third time this one person is sending me a gift with no name, just a signature on all his write-ups.

Who could this be she said as she looked at John, John replied whoever that person might be he must have genuine feelings for you ma.

He said as he asked for permission to go back to his office.

John on the other hand is the PA to miss Jenifer.

Who could this be? She was still wondering when Lycia walked into the office shouting and screaming happy birthday to her CEO friend.

Hay, babes, you are at this again. "Come Aunty you no go work today we dey go somewhere go chill," she said in a Nigerian way of speaking.

It means she is not working today, they will be going out.

"But that your PA guy hot oooo" ( That your PA is hot) she continued hay, stop that Jenifer said to her friend Lycia, I know you won't allow me to work so let's just go she picked her bag knowing how crazy her friend can be when it comes to things like this.

Wait a moment, what's that on your table? Oh, that's another surprise from an unknown man. Wowww it's beautiful, Lycia exclaimed as she watched closely.

It looks so real as if this snapped you not paint.



This is you my friend portraying the full nature of an African woman.

Whoever that must have done this must be a good artist.

Courtesy( Just a signature) the owner of this signature knows you know him very well so he will rather use a signature instead of a name.

Hay leaves that let's go.

But you will have to pay close attention to that signature. You might be surprised if it's one of your clients who is secretly in love with you.

Well, that's his business Jenifer replied as they made their way out of the office.

Easy babes, you could be breaking someone's heart with your words.

Days, weeks, months passed by until one day when Jenifer asked John to submit a proposal for a new contract they wanted to sign with an organization he did and sent it to her via mail for her to cross-check if the proposal is OK she couldn't do it at the office so she took the work home to check on them.

Hay, Lycia you didn't tell me you are coming why will I when I know you don't have any man, so my dear friend I will not take permission until you have a man in your life then I will start taking permission so as not to invade your privacy she said and laughed loudly as she walked to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water.

Thank God you are here, you will help me check this proposal. I will be submitting it on Monday so we have to check for any correction before Monday. Alright, Lycia replied.

Lycia went through the proposal and applauded whoever wrote this, this is brilliant. Well my PA did the work, John you mean yes he did it that guy must be smart.

Hay wait a minute he also owns this signature?

Hmmm Lycia, what is it about signatures again? Are you sure you are ok or do you want to say the signature is also cute? No this is the same signature on that painting in your office. What Jenifer rushed to confirm.

Yes, could he be the artist all this while?

Yes, Jenifer, please give this guy a small chance he could make a change for all the mess all other guys have put you in, allow him to give you a colorful future just like the painting in your office.

But!!! I know Lycia interrupted, don't tell me any but please, my friend needs a man in your life and John is a cool, cute and brillcalibrey for your caliber.

Ok, I have heard you, let's continue with the work, we are done with the work. This guy has waited patiently for you to uncover who he is. What I want you to do is to pick up your phone and dial his number.

Jenifer just cast a spell and she obeyed her friend with the dialed word.

She dialed John's number and at a ring, he picked up the call. What he expected was that the work was brilliant, but instead, a question popped up " Are you the artist?"

That one call was what started a colorful relationship that led to marriage and even extended to bringing forth 3 kids to the earth.

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