The ink well fiction #33/ Recognising the Shadow.



Maryann could'nt help when she saw the shadow pass her window.

It was a gunshot she said to her baby don't scream she gripped the baby's mouth tightly to make sure they are safe as well. Since the baby wanted to scream out of fear.

What is going on?
Who could have received the bullet?
Who is the person behind the shadow?

So many questions ran through her mind as she watched closely to her door without any movement.

But there was no answer to all the questions that ran through her heart.

When she turned to look at what the time could be she discovered it was late hours or rather an early morning as it was 2:30 am.

Then questions began to come again. Could it be a robbery attack?
Or Assassin?
Then Maryann quickly remembered her creator as he will be the only one who could save her and her 4 years old boy from this impending danger. She prayed fervently in her heart without altering a word. But it seems the perpetrator didn't come to them but the question remained who was shot?

And why was the person shot? Still, she couldn't get an answer to the question they stayed awake until it was 4 am.

The fear in her never gave her the thought of even calling the police.

Later that morning she began to hear the sound of people moving around. She was sure its daybreak and the other neighbourhood also came out to confirm what had happened that night.

It seems everyone in the neighbourhood were also gripped with fear since no one made any move until its morning.
Maryann opened her door gently and walked out to see with her eyes what must have happened.

Oh Maryann it's certainly not you but could it be? One of the neighbours asked.
I think Accountant Mike is not yet out someone answered. Accountant Mike is the next-door neighbour to Maryann. That gunshot was very close it might be him please someone should call the police.

One of the neighbours quickly brought out his phone and called the police reporting the situation to them. In no time were the police and there and when they knocked on the door there was no response. They were forced to break down the door, on doing that they found the man lying lifelessly on the floor with a bullet pierced through his forehead.

They tried to carry out an investigation but there was no positive answer coming.

Even when Maryann was asked she responded it was just the shadow I saw when it passed through my window.

Again they inquired can you relate to what the shadow looked like?

Oh no please don't ask me such a question how can I describe a shadow to you she told the police officer.

But the person fell while trying to run from the scene in front of my door I suspect he kicked his or her leg against that stone.

The police officer walked straight to the place she described to him and there the investigation got meaning.

There they found a complementary card laying on the floor.

I think with this we can get the perpetrator easily. Thank you ma'am for your cooperation.

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