Dele's terrible moment./ The ink well fiction prompt #13. Imagination ticklers.


Dele walked into the room and discovered the TV set is on.
What!!! But i remembered switching it off before going out or maybe i forgot, he took it for granted as he walked into his room with the Pixar he bought from the store from his street.
He got to the room and discovered the shower in the bathroom was running he called to one of his friend "Ade" thinking it was Ade his friend who has access to the house and can come in anytime even there is no onein the house. He thought it was Ade that was in the in the shower but there was no response. He jokingly said "it's like you are crazy, why will you turn the TV on and leave the sitting room expecting a reply from the bath room but there was no reply as he expected, again he shouted will you talk to me you fool as they will always say to each other, but still there was no reply.
Dele walked straight into the bathroom and found no one in the bathroom, what's the meaning of this?
What could be happening in the house. He ignored it as he turned off the shower. While in the bathroom he heard the door closed.
Who is there???? Dele shouted from the bathroom as he quickly rushed out but found no one fear griped Dele he rushed to the sitting room still he found no one, then Dele noticed the television was switched off but i left it on while going in he said to himself in total bewilderment.
That was when it dawned on Dele that something is wrong.

Dele became even more terrified when he heard the sound spoons and tap running in the kitchen. I am in deep trouble he rushed to the door but discovered the door was locked up.
Dele shouted please somebody help me he shouted at the top of his voice when suddenly the Television was turned on again. What's going on Dele asked himself as he sweat profusely and confused as he don't know what to do at that moment. He could not move as the light switched on and off right before his eyes without anyone switching it. And finally the light went off and everywhere was dark. He felt something coming close to him Dele couldn't help but shout out loud.
Then he heard a knock on the door fear gripped him even the more that he was shivering and almost urinating on himself, he couldn't open the door untill he heard his father called from outside.
Then he quickly opened the door and at once everything came back to normal. The light switched on and the TV set that was on went off. It was surprising but ge could not say a word to his parent as they walked in. Hope you are good Dele's father asked?
Am good Dele answered reluctantly.
Then he took a deep breath and the next statement feom Dele is " Thank God You Are Home".

What do you think would have happened to Dele if his parents didn't come at the time they did???

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