My Shoes, my accessory

I had been seeing him for more than a year. Initially, we started as friends and life promised a world full of adventure for us. It was fun, and I was definitely in the mood to enjoy all of the experiences.

Once we progressed from being friends to becoming lovers, a lot changed. We had to do the normal things couples do and this means we needed to go on a date too.

He never asked and I never bothered. I thought every day was a date since we had food, drinks, movies, and lights all around every time we met. Until one day, he asked me out on a date. I was thrilled and looked forward to it.

Fast forward to the time we planned, I discovered, I had no shoes. What the heck? I had never been someone who put my money into any object other than books. Therefore, it wasn't entirely weird when I discovered, I had no shoe available for my date.
Mum, had this beautiful red shoes, I often admired, so, for this adventure, I needed to wear these. I knew it will compliment my outfit. And the feathered design was just perfect for the mood I needed to create for the evening.

"Mum, I need to borrow these shoes, I have a special adventure to explore today," I asked my mum. She frowned, then agreed seeing that I was serious.

I remember putting on these shoes and happily leaving home to meet my lover. He complimented my appearance, and I was pleased. A few minutes later, disaster struck. My shoes came off. Oh no, not this night. Why should you choose today of all days to embarrass me? I inquired in my head.

It was embarrassing, and gosh, all I wanted to do was disappear. My lover must have felt my hot face and tried to calm me down, by buying a pair of flip-flops for me. I wasn't comfortable on flip-flops on a date with so many eyes watching the stark difference between my lover and me. I just wanted the evening to end quickly so I can return home and hide.

The evening did end quickly, and I returned home, never to look my lover in the face for what I did. From then on, I promised never to go on a love adventure with shoes likely to spoil my mood. Lessons learned.

I had seen a movie once where the character claimed that if you wear a good shoe, it will sustain you through the journey of life. I have stopped not caring about my shoes. These days, I care about them more than anyone else. Presently, shoes are one of my accessories.

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