Inkwell prompt writing: The second time Mike and Maxine got married was better than the first.

The second time mike and maxine got married was better than the first.
Mike and maxine were childhood friends, they grew up together, eats together, goes to church together, goes to school together do alot of things together. Mike and maxine grew up a very strong relationship same relationship applies to mike and maxine's parent.
Mike and maxine were almost of thesame age, just an interval of 2years. Mike and maxine finished secondary at the same year, mike was 17yrs and maxine was 15yrs when they finished secondary school. Mike and maxine took jamb at thesame year, mike applied for medicine while maxine also applied for medicine also, glory be to God. They both came out in flying colours, mike jamb score was 290 while that of maxine was 285, they both got admitted into same institution studying same course. Mike and maxine were always together in school, same way they were doing when they were little, people were like, are they couples? Or are they related, questions and answers were going round the school because mike and maxine were very brillant in school and also got that closeness.

Few years letter, mike and mason finished well in school both came out with (FIRST CLASS), they both made their parent proud. They were both employed but at different companies, mike was posted to akwa ibom state while maxine was posted to lagos. They never lost connected, they put in calls to each other but didnt see each other for some months.

So one day, mike's parent called maxine parent for a meeting, concerning their children, they were like. Our children's relationship have been very strong since childhood and they have been doing well, cant we join both of them together as husband and wife since we are thier parent, we can decide for them and am sure they will both align well
The two parties, agreed instantly, not even hearing what mike and maxine decision maybe.
Immediately after the meeting, mike and maxine were called by their parents telling them what the two families agreed on, well mike and maxine couldnt resist
1, because they believed whatever their parents says or decides is always the best
2, mike and maxine were very good friends. So they had no say to their parents decision, so they both agreed to marry.

Few years letter, mike and maxine got married, but things didnt go well with them, because they didnt involve God. They just followed their parents decisions,
Maxine couldnt conceive, she couldnt give mike a child after 15yrs of marriage. Mike got angry, and chased maxine from his house, so it led to divorce. They went different ways. For about 5yrs mike and maxine lost contacts. Their parents were not happy, bcus they were the ones that caused what happened.
Ever since mike and maxine went different ways, mike and maxine's parent attends church services, mid-week services. They went closer to God bcus they were unbelievers, they prayed without seasons just bcus of their children. Luckily, their prayers were answered for their children to be together again, with a splendid marriage.

One faithful week, mike called maxine on phone and started pleading, that it wasnt his intention to chase her out from his house that the devil caused it, maxine bursted into tears, and accepted mike's apology, for the sake of love. Few months letter, mike and maxine renewed their marriage for the second time and things went well because God was involved.
Few weeks, maxine got pregnated by mike and gave birth at exact 9months, mike and maxine were blessed with a twin, a boy and a girl.


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