TheInkWell Poetry Challenge | Only Time Will Tell

TheInkWell Poetry Challenge Week 3

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

The year started with high hopes and plans
Everyone's excited, a new decade at hand.
Then, threats of war, eruption, and fire,
It was just beginning, and we all felt wired.

News of a virus started to spread
A lot got infected, then thousands were dead.
What a sorry tale this is turning out to be
It's like a huge nightmare, the year 2020.

We still have half a year to see how it goes
I hope things get better as the year comes to a close.
Where is the beauty in all this madness?
To help wipe out all our fears and sadness.

There are lessons to be learned.
We better learn them well.
There's a whole new future, we've got to be prepared.
Perhaps it'll be a bright one, but only time will tell.

Wondering what happened, year 2020

Author's note: There was the Taal Volcano eruption in mid-January. We didn't really think it would get worse from there. Most of the world is slowly opening up, but we're still coping, although lockdown has eased a bit.

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