TheInkWell Fiction Challenge | A Star Burns Bright as It Collides

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

Week 1 of TheInkWell Fiction Challenge Summer 2020

Series Title: Our Thirteen Sonatas

You were already a star when I saw you again for the first time after ten years, beloved by a lot of people. But none of them would love you like I do; none of them truly knew the real you, but I did.

It was only a matter of time, if you’d still remember me or not.

I glanced up at the huge electronic billboard that announced your upcoming concert in a few weeks' time. There was a meet and greet portion for the lucky few who had managed to purchase the tickets with the winning numbers.

I pulled out my newly purchased ticket and glanced down at the numbers embossed on its upper right corner. I wondered if Lady Luck would smile down on me and grant me a chance to meet you up close again, if only for just a moment.

The weeks passed and Lady Luck proved to have been listening when I made that wish that one fateful night, as I now stood in line for the chance to meet the beautiful Ms. Avery Williams, right after her concert.

I smiled as I saw her from down the line, she would always be the sweet and brilliant Avie to me..

I had hoped she would at least recognize me as she looked at me with such familiarity, but all my hopes went down the drain when she just greeted me cheerily as she held out her hand for any merchandise of hers that I would have liked signed.

I sadly smiled at her and handed her the only thing that had kept me waiting for her all this time—an engagement ring.

I then turned and started walking towards the exit sign, not really wanting to hear her excuses again—“Victor, wait!” hearing her call out to me as she came closer.

Hesitating in my steps but still deciding to turn and look at her as she stopped and spoke, “Victor! The last time I saw you I-I’m sorry! But this life—it’s all I’ve ever dreamed of—”

“Hey! We didn’t fucking pay for our tickets just to have you walk out on us bitch!” I was surprised at the contempt held in that voice as I glanced up just in time to see a person from the line pull out a gun.

Screams were heard as a shot rang out, and I only had a second before—“Oh my God!! Victor!!!”

I had hugged Avie close to me, feeling something warm seep out of my back as I leaned closed to her ear softly saying, “I wish you all the best.. in this life..” before I felt myself slump over, even though I felt Avie still trying to hold on to me.

I didn’t have the best in this life, but maybe there were more lifetimes to come..


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