TheInkWell Fiction Challenge | A Day Is Saved

Week 6 of TheInkWell Fiction Challenge Summer 2020

Image by Gustavo Gu from Pixabay

Series Title: Our Thirteen Sonatas

Week 1: A Star Burns Bright as It Collides
Week 2: Ghost of the Past
Week 3: A Sorry Tale of Woe
Week 4: To Thine Own Self
Week 5: A Day at a Time

Everything was dark. This was making me nervous because the last thing I remembered was a pair of hands that roughly shoved me into this dark place. Must get out.

I raised my body up and tried to sniff out of the darkness, surprising myself as something gave way under my weight and I spilled over into the brightness. “Oh! A puppy!” I heard a voice say as I tried to scamper away from the pair of hands that took ahold of me, I was just about to bite when something caught my sense of smell—this scent.. it smelled familiar.. Like something warm and it felt like—

Don’t worry little one, Chiyo wouldn’t hurt you. I’ll take care of you from now on!” –Home. This right here felt like home.

Adé saves the day! You’re such a good girl, aren’t you? You are, yes you are!” I happily plopped Chiyo’s almost stolen wallet into her hand as I lolled my tongue out and panted, enjoying the enthusiastic ruffling she was doing to my fur.

That’s—huff! One hell. of a. Retriever.. you’ve got there!—huff!” I bristled as I noticed the guy panting behind Chiyo as he leaned forward and held onto his knees.

She is, isn’t she!” Chiyo replied almost automatically, not really looking back at the guy as she held my head in both her soft hands, “You’re the reason why okasan and otousan even let me attend this university at all, aren’t you?” I barked happily in reply, feeling pride swell in my heart at her words.

Yeah? Well, good to hear you’ve got a guard dog with you.. Whoo! Here. You almost left these by the way..

I cautiously watched the panting guy as he took in a deep gulp of air as he tried to straighten up before he held out a huge, brown envelope. “Hm? Oh!” Chiyo’s hands left my fur as she now turned back and focused her attention on the guy, I suddenly missed her warmth as she stood straight and began thanking the said guy profusely, “My thesis papers! I’d have bawled out my eyes if I’d lost these! Thank you so—oh! Mister! Are you alright??!

I knew he was going to be fine, it was probably just a case of weak knees, and me? Well, I could only watch as their relationship started from there.

Not that I could complain really, not when I’m surrounded by double the warmth that Chiyo left me with.

Ne Hisashi-niichan, will Adé-chan feel better once okasan brings her to the doctor?

I would have smiled at that—had I had a mouth made for smiling—Chiyo, she didn’t forget about me after all, even naming her eldest son after the boy from my past life. I’m happy you still managed to find love after my death then.. and I’m really glad I got the chance to watch over you as Adé.. but right now.. my eyes feel really heavy.. Maybe I should rest them for a bit..

Maybe when I open them again, there’ll only be just you and me, in another lifetime..

Please take care of yourself once again, my love..


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