TheInkWell Fiction Challenge | A Day at a Time

Week 5 of TheInkWell Fiction Challenge Summer 2020

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Series Title: Our Thirteen Sonatas

Week 1: A Star Burns Bright as It Collides
Week 2: Ghost of the Past
Week 3: A Sorry Tale of Woe
Week 4: To Thine Own Self

It was a wonder what the Fates had in store for the both of us after the tragic demise we had to experience back in our previous lives. You could call me a pessimist at this point, but after four (somewhat) unhappy lifetimes of meeting my soulmate—with one not having met her at all—I couldn’t help the inkling of uncertainty that crept up on me as I stared back at the girl who only grinned at me across a bowl of rice placed on the table between us.

Ne Hisashi, aren’t you going to touch your food? You know how okasan will get angry at you if you don’t eat her cooking right?”

I felt the quirk of a smile on my lips as I replied to her form of intimidation, “Really Chiyo? Is that how’s it gonna be from now on? You’re probably forgetting I know something about your grades that could interest your mothe—!”

I wasn’t able to finish what it was I was about to say as Chiyo swiftly raised her chopsticks and promptly stuffed my mouth with sushi, her face was flushed red as she nervously glanced around to make sure her mother wasn’t anywhere near the dining area where we were in. I started happily chewing the food now in my mouth as I gave Chiyo a mischievous smirk once she focused her gaze back at me, she could only frown and adorably huff at me.

It felt warm—this feeling of having been close to her for this long—in this life it turns out, that my soulmate and I were reborn to be childhood friends, with our houses just beside each other making even late night talks from our respective windows possible.

“You really should try harder Chiyo, if you want to get into the same high school as me..” I muttered quietly as I took my rice bowl and made a show to start eating.

“Why though, do you have to get the highest grades than me, Hisashi??” Chiyo groaned out in frustration as she absentmindedly raised a piece eggroll to my mouth, I decided not to answer her as I leaned close and took the proffered food in front of me.

“Maybe when otousan finally agrees to get me a dog then I’ll start to be inspired to study harder..” Chiyo let out a long sigh as I gave her a comforting smile.

“Maybe we should take this a day at a time ne, Chiyo?”

But those days never came.. I thought bitterly as I stared up at the cheery blue sky that seemed to mock me as I lay on the ground in a pool of my own blood.

“Oh God! Someone call an ambulance! That boy’s been hit by a speeding vehicle!”

“Oh no.. He doesn’t even look like he’s in high school yet..”

“Too young.. such a shame..”

I tried clenching my hands, willing all the random murmurs to stop, but I could only feel the numbing pain race through my body as I tried hard to breathe through the blood flowing out of me.


Oh God, anyone but her—I didn’t want this to be the last thought she has of me, I didn’t want her to see, I want to protect her from this.. Chiyo..

“OH GOD HISASHI!!” She kneeled close to me and I could only watch as she frantically gazed upon my bloody form, unsure of where to put her hands on me before she gently touched my cheek.. “Hisashi.. you promised..” That one sob she let out was the only sound that stood out amidst the blaring sirens that seemed too far away now..

I tried catching a glimpse of her face one last time but everything seemed blurry now—the cheery blue sky now a stormy grey in my swirling vision as I felt warm droplets land on me.. tears.. They must be her tears..

Feeling myself being lifted from where I lay, I tried reaching out to her one last time.. I just want to be with her and love her with all that I have.. Why was Fate always against us?


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