A word of advice


Those who knew Oliver well also knew that he was a man who had no dealings with matters concerned with patience. His whole life was a composite of rash decisions and one could see the subsequent consequences of his impulsiveness written all over him, both in the literal sense and otherwise. For starters, he had earned himself a palpable scar on the forehead from a fight which he got into some years back at a local bar. It was an argument over which football team deserved to win the home league. Oliver had favoured Chelsea while the other guy preferred Manchester City, and while he made his point as to why he thought the Citizens should lift the trophy, he must have said something that annoyed Oliver. As usual, Oliver had no patience for settling matters with words. Instead he had thrown a fist at the other guy's cheek, thereby forfeiting his civil right which protected him from having two bottles of beer broken on his face. That was a literal result for his inability to restrain the impulsive whisper in his head.

Today, he made his way his way home from the day's work, and decided to do some shopping at a supermarket on Camden High street. As he moved through the aisles of the different sections, occasionally grabbing an item he liked into the shopping basket, he caught a glimpse of two hooded men entering into the supermarket wielding pistols.

"Ok, a word of advice, people," one of the hooded men said, waving his gun to gesture at the customers to gather together, "get on the ground and keep your face on the floor!"

The spooked customers did just as the gunwielding man had said. But Oliver who was at the far end of a shelf concealing him from the robbers had a different idea. He could easily sneak up behind the guy who kept an eye on the customers and snatch the gun from him while his partner was busy at the cashier.

Without thinking twice, in a rush of adrenaline, he stealthily drew nearer to the robber and plunged at him, suddenly but failing to grab the gun. For a split second, the two fought over the gun until a shot went off, leaving Oliver gasping for breath while the two robbers made away with what was now their cash.

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