A perfect match


As he made his way back to his hostel, his face beamed with a cocktail of pride and joy. Pride for the fact that he had finally summoned the courage to ask Jacinta, his longtime crush, out and joy that she had agreed to be his girlfriend.
They had met and started talking at a birthday picnic party hosted by a classmate of theirs. It was unbelievable! He had been so skeptical about confessing his feelings to her, considering the number of guys he learnt that she had blown off in the past but he always knew he had to take the bull by the horn if he was ever going to more than just secretly admire her as she walked in and out of class everyday.

She had caught his attention from the very first time he sighted her at a rehearsal for a group assignment during their first year in school. It had been an annoyingly tedious day for him until he caught sight of an enchanting figure walking across the lawn over to the side of the field where he and the other students were seated discussing ways to go about their assignment. From that day, he had become a serial daydreamer, fantasizing about the idea of seeing the world with her by his side. And now, his fantasy seemed to be metamorphosing into reality.

The following day, he spent the entire lecture hours trying to overcome the urge of turning back and gazing at her. That would seem obsessive, he thought. But now and then, she would catch him staring at her and then he would quickly look away, pretending to be fully concentrated on his note. Once, the lecturer caught him smiling too much and pointed at him.
"Young man, did you win the lottery?"
"Erm.." He nodded cluelessly as the lecturer quizzed him.
"Then would you like to share with the class why you've been smiling all day?" The middle-aged lecturer asked again.
"Oh, I'm sorry, ma'am." He apologized as the rest of the class chuckled. It was embarrassing but he did not care.
At the end of class, Jacinta walked up to him.

"Uhm, Jacy. Hi!" He responded, with a tinge of shyness in his voice. He cleared his throat as if the shyness was caught up in there like phlegm. Then he spoke again.
"How are you? Did you enjoy the class? You look beautiful today."
Yikes! He really should get himself under control, he thought.

"Thanks, you're looking good too." Sensing his nervousness, she smiled, hoping to calm him down.
"Could you come by my place later in the evening, I'd like to show you something?" Jacinta asked almost immediately.
"Yeah, sure. Does 5 sound good?"
"It's perfect!" She replied him.
"Alright then, see you later."
Before he could finish, she gave him a peck on the cheek and his face beamed with joy just like the day before.

A month later, his relationship with Jacinta had blossomed even better as they both realised they had a lot in common. He had a knack for writing while she loved painting. That way, they spent most evenings critiquing each other's work. That helped them grow fonder of each other such that their classmates would tease them and call them Romeo and Juliet. And truly, they knew that they were a perfect match.

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