The Spell The Ink Well prompt #59


Technology are produced in advancement to be used to solve problems that are beyond the normal use of human advancement. This technology advancement has their own benefit and their bad ways which they show up when ever you misuse them. The story I am talking about today is about the the invention of a spell which would be used to Demolish the world which was created by the Asian engineer.

The spell was created in the north town of the Sudan and was set to launch in the Asian as a result that their people came to the Sudan to create advance spell. This spell works so massively that where ever it touches, it would continue to spread to every angle until it is stopped by the detonator which it is assigned to work with..

After the the asians notice that this was the plan the Sudan government has for them, they decided to send out troops to take away the speel from them and have a full access to it so that it will reduce the harm it will cause to them in their country.. When they embark on the journey to sudan, they were attacked on their way by the Sudan war force which they were stopped and unable to get through to get the spell from the laboratory where it was produced..

After the attack that happend between this two forces, some of the Asian army's were able to run in escape for their life but they were unable to live freely in that country reason is they are not a citizen of that country but at the same time, they disguised a give information to their own country which then enabled the Asian to be able to fire back at the right moment.

During this process, the Sudan had planned the attack to happen and thy have settled a time which this will launch and it would be an unaware to the Asian but they never knew they had an intruder in their midst. The Asian that were in the country of Sudan had the chance to mix with those incharge of launching the spell and this was why they had the chance to feed their friends about them.

After the set for the launch, they Asian had got ready to attack but the before they were able to Attack the Sudan, the spell has been launched already and so they had to get to where the detonator is and stop the launch. Lo and behold one of the army of the Asian got there on time and had to disconnect the spell and stop it from launch which he was able to save the Asian country from this deadly attack of the mysterious spell..


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