The Way Up Is Down!

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September 6, 2010 was on a Monday when Peter arrived in the school during morning assembly, the proprietor of banana college was right before the students when Peter arrived at 8:07am. The proprietor was basically reminding the students the school rules hence that was the resumption day of the year academic session.

He (proprietor) also encouraged and motivated his students, in his motivation, he made this paradoxical statement that got Peter confused "The Way Up Is Down". To Peter, the statement sounded nice and with other words he felt motivated, but he had issue of understanding the statement.

Peter among his Peers was considered a dull boy, coming from a humble and lowly family where he hawks to pay tuition fees and assist his mother who lost her husband untimely, he was less privileged to access text books, to read after school, to do some home assignments, so he was not catching up with his Peers.

In the confused state of Peter, he needed to understand the proprietor's statement "The Way Up Is Down" after the assembly, Peter met one of his classmate Simon by name. Simon is from a wealthy family, Simon is considered a brilliant boy in the class not because of his grade at the end of each session but because he speaks eloquently having grown in the city of Abuja before returning to the village.

Peter was however disappointed at Simon who couldn't tell him the meaning of the proprietors statement, his disappointment was as a result of his over estimation of Simon's knowledge, after Peter's encounter with Simon, he proceeded to another classmate Joy, Joy was the best student in the preceding session, she has displayed her knowledge not in her good grades but also in different competitions both internal and external competition though a quite type, but she blossoms in academics and character which stood her out among her peers.

Peter's encounter with Joy was worthwhile, Peter was glad to have met her, though he wasn't fully satisfied but he had gotten the clue of the proprietors paradoxical statement, among other things joy said to explain the statement to Peter,she concluded by saying "The Way Up Is Down" means "Becoming yourself by forgetting Yourself" her conclusion was so intriguing to Peter.

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He was pondering on how he was to become himself by forgetting himself, still in wonder, he went to his seat therein he resolved to meet the proprietor to hear from him. It was exactly 1:57pm when Peter knocked and entered the proprietor's office, Dr.Charles (the proprietor) was pleased to have Peter in his office, Peter's countenance was that of a confused man, Dr Charles enquired why Peter was in his office, Peter in low tone told Dr Charles that he came to see him in regards to his statement in the morning during the school assembly, he also told him how far he has gone by meeting people whom he considered above him knowledge wise to explain the statement to him.

With a smile, Dr Charles asked Peter the statement he was referring to, Peter said it was the Dr. Charles motivational statements of "The Way Up Is Down", with smiles Dr Charles expressed his happiness and fulfillment that he came for that statement, he immediately throws a question at Peter and ask him what he would like to be in future, Peter gaining his confidence before Dr Charles, he said he would like to be a lawyer, in amazement Dr Charles reiterated the statement telling Peter "The Way Up Is Down" he told Peter that his statement means "Whatever every student aspires to be in future, starts now".

He urged Peter to study well so as to attain his dream, he told Peter that some of the seasoned lawyers today in Nigeria such as Femi Falana SAN, Mike Ozekhome SAN and the likes started like him, Dr Charles told Peter that the passion of the above mentioned lawyers started when they were like him and today they have fulfilled their dreams, Dr Charles also told Peter that the statement means for one to be humble so as to be lifted by God, with many other words Dr encouraged Peter to study hard.

Peter thanked Dr Charles and left the office rejoicing for he had understood the statement made by Dr Charles in the morning, allowing the encouragement of Dr Charles have impact in him, he resolved to be focused and study at home despite his busy schedules.

It's worthy of note that Peter had the second best grade after Joy at the end of the session. Peter blossomed from the Words of Dr Charles.

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