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The day was Sunday and Kunle was outside the house cutting the overgrown grass when a car sped by, looking up he was lost in the moment as he'd just seen the most beautiful angel ever. He was still lost in thought when he heard someone cough beside him and he jumped.

I asked you to cut the grass and you're here staring at girls said Mr Adeboye.

No Sir, I was only looking at the car he replied already blushing

Just finish up and come and help me buy some drugs at the chemist shop

Alright sir, I'm almost through he replied. He watched his father walk back to the house as his mind drifted back to the beautiful girl he had just seen.

He must've been lost in thought again as he heard his father shout his name

Kunleeeee, so you're still admiring beautiful cars abi shouted his father with a smile on face.

Blushing furiously at the fact that he'd been caught twice under just two minutes he immediately went back to work but not without wondering who she might be and whether he would be lucky to see her again.

Like almost every boy his age, with more pressing matters like the prospects of wrestling or playing a football quickly with his friends at the nearby field on his way to the chemist shop he soon forgot about the girl.

Kunle was a ten year old boy and the only child of Mr and Mrs Adeboye, and although they never spoilt him for this reason it was evident to all that they loved him dearly. Kunle was loves by all and was quite gifted academically and socially but there was one problem, he loved to get into trouble. If there was any mischief around the neighborhood he was bound to be amongst the mischief makers and most of the time he was the ringleader.

He was still on his way whistling as he hurried to the chemist shop when he spotted the car driving out from the front of a building not far away from where he was headed, but the girl was not in the car this time.

She must be living in this house he thought.
After getting the drug all thoughts of football or wrestling were completely out of his mind, as he spent an extra five minutes loitering around the building in hopes of catching a glimpse of her once again. Unfortunately there was no sign of her anywhere.

Getting impatient, Kunle thought of spying from a window and immediately he thought of this, it was only matter of doing and not thinking as he didn't stop to think of the possibility of getting caught. He made his way to a window and was about to peek when he heard a dog bark beside him.

Turning around, he came face to face with TROUBLE the dog. Trouble was the most vicious dog in the area and every child tried as much as possible to avoid the dog so Kunle knew he was in a lot of trouble when the dog turned out to TROUBLE.

Fast as his leg could carry him, he ran from the building with the dog in hot pursuit. Looking back after some distance he saw his crush this time around and she was outside the building laughing with some other adults.
At that point Kunle knew he would face all the dogs in world if only she wouldn't recognize him if they met again.

The dog chased him all the way home and it took the intervention of his father before they could chase away the dog from a panting Kunle.

So much trouble for love he thought still reminiscing about the days events as he went to bed that night in preparation for school the next day.

Koookooorokooo Kookoorokooo came the sound of the fowls around the area already in search of their morning food.

Kunle struggled out of bed after Maami which was Mrs Adeboye almost dragged him out of bed to go prepare for school.

Unlike most children Kunle actually loved going to school as he was one of the most brilliant students in his class, but it was the prospect of playing with his friends and not his academics that made school important for him.

After a breakfast of Pap and Akara (which is a kind of snack made in Nigeria with beans) he was ready for school and he bade his mother goodbye as he hurried down to school.

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He was just walking through the school gate when he heard someone talk behind him

Mamaa isn't that the boy that was chased by a dog yesterday the female voiced said.

Kunle turned around to see who was talking and he froze as his fear turned to reality.

Apparently his crush would be attending his school and she was being escorted there by her mother.

He didn't know whether to be happy that he would be seeing her all the time or sad that she recognized him as the boy the dog chased.

So much trouble for love he thought once again. The second time in two days.

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