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They'd just drawn the football match and it was his fault. Ronnie thought as they all walked back to their dressing rooms. He'd missed a penalty that could've won them the match. Was that resentment and judging looks he was getting from his teammates or was he just imagining it.

Ronnie didn't wait for anyone after the coach dismissed them. Although Coach Dave hadn't blamed him outrightly, his message had been clear. If you didn't play well, you would be sitting on the bench for the second leg of the Inter Schools Cup semifinal.

Ronnie was in thought, when he felt someone jump on him. He didn't need to turn as he absorbed the weight, knowing it was none other than his best friend Sam.

Hey why are you looking like you attended a funeral, c'mon it's just a football match. Besides you still have the second leg to play for Sam said

Yeah, only if the team didn't think I lost them the match replied Ronnie

Look Ron, these things happen. Besides you loose and win as a team

Maybe you should tell that to the team or perhaps Coach Dave and his judging eyes

I'm sure you're just imagining things bro. Anyways did you notice Megan came to watch the match Sam replied giving Ron a tiny wink

Wow Sam, you really know how to lift my spirit Ron said

Ron had been crushing on Megan for about a year and so far he hadn't worked up the courage to tell her about his feelings. As far as he knew today was the first time he saw her at a football match he was playing in, and the thought that he had disappointed everyone by loosing that penalty didn't sit well. It would've been cool if Megan saw him score a goal, Ron thought.

What would you do without me replied a smiling Sam as they both headed home together.

Two weeks later Ron was just about to head home, he was still searching for Sam when he bumped into someone.

Disoriented he looked up and came face to face with Megan.

Hey Ron, sorry about that. I wasn't very focused just now said Megan

Oh it's nothing, I wasn't too focused as well. Sorry he replied as he bent down to help her pack her books that were scattered around the floor.

You know, I think i've not really spoken to you before. Seems weird since we attend the same class she said

Erm Yeah, weird. You know me?

Who doesn't know you Ron. You're one of our most popular guys on the football team here she replied laughing slightly like he was joking

Really, I'm not so sure about being popular. I lost us the match the last time

it's football, those things happen she said

Yeah that's exactly what my friend Sam said he replied

They kept on chatting like old time friends and it was only the arrival of Sam that made Ronnie realize they'd been talking for quite awhile. She bade him farewell and wished him luck in the coming match which was in two days time. Ronnie watched her go, and a part of him thought she had been reluctant to leave. I'm probably imagining things again he thought.

The next day Ronnie was heading to the final training before the second leg of their match when he spotted Megan walking with a group of her friends. She excused herself and walked towards him.

Hi Ronnie

Hi Megan

Looks like your headed for practice

Yeah you know, I need to warm up these legs. Can't have any reasons for not scoring tomorrow

You're still thinking about the last match. Don't worry I'll be there to cheer you on

Errrrrr, thanks. I'll try not to disappoint everyone Sam replied

I'm sure you won't, see you there She replied laughing, ruffling his hair playfully as she left.

Ronnie stood there processing what had just happened. He'd just had another conversation with Megan and she'd touched his hair. He was in a particularly great mood as he walked towards the football field for practice.

Hey Ron, come over here I need to talk to you Coach Dave called out as Ronnie joined his teammates on the field.

Evening Coach

Evening Ron, listen I need to discuss something important with you

Ok, I'm listening coach Ron replied already getting a feeling this wasn't going to end well.

I know you're one of our best players. But for the match tomorrow, you won't be starting. You'll be on the bench incase i need you said Coach Dave.

My suspicions were right, they blame me for the loss Ron thought as he left the coach to join the rest of the team practicing. His mind wasn't in the training session any longer, Megan was coming to watch and she wouldn't watch him play.


Both team fans where shouting and cheering on their team as both sides couldn't find a goal so far.

Ronnie on the bench had been trying to hide himself so Megan wouldn't notice him. A glance at where she was seated and he saw his friend Sam sitting there chatting with her. Feeling a bit of jealousy, Ronnie didn't return the smile as they both waved at him. He knew it was unreasonable of him, Sam was probably just making conversation but it didn't stop him from feeling jealous. A quick glance at them again and he saw both of them laughing, apparently they were having a good time while he was stuck here on the bench.

The match continued and both coaches were getting frustrated. Ronnie was surprised when Coach Dave called on him to warm up to play.
Ronnie did a bit of warm up and was introduced into the match. He played like he had never played before, dribbling, passing, shooting. Nothing was working.

He was running towards the opponents goal post when he changed a glance at where Megan was sitting and he saw she wasn't even concentrating on the match, she was smiling at something Sam was saying. Furious, he gave the ball a very wild kick.

Goaaaal, and the ball ends up in the back of the net. What a shot, from more than 30 yards out. Ronnie comes back to save his team the commentator was shouting.

Whaaaat? Ronnie thought as he looked towards the opponents goal and indeed saw the ball was inside the net. His teammates were jublilating, and a laughing Ronnie didn't bother explaining that it had been a fluke.
Five minutes later and the match ended. They were in the Finals.

Everyone was jubilating, but Ronnie was searching the crowd for Megan. He didn't see either Megan or Sam, and was disappointed. They were about to head to the dressing room when he spotted Megan running towards him with Sam walking behind. He caught her in a hug as she slammed into him.

That was wonderful, I told you everything was going to be fine. You're the best player we have on the team Megan said breathlessly.

A grinning Ronnie replied But i thought you weren't interested in the match

Oh Sam was telling me a few things

Yeah I'm sure he was, you both looked good together earlier

Shut up idiot, Sam was telling me how much you liked me. I'm actually surprised you didn't notice I feel the same way

Really ?

Yes , looks like you were never going to tell me about your feelings.

Ronnie glanced at Sam who was standing a short distance from them.

You did this for me brother Ronnie asked and Sam nodded.

Thanks bro, I owe you one Ronnie shouted as he and Megan left a smiling Sam standing. They went about the field jubilating with the rest of the fans

They were in the Cup finals and Megan was interested in him. What a day Ronnie thought as he increased the intensity of his jubilation.

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