If you didn't shouted at me, I wouldn't have met my son: A story of Rude manager

You can't predict the next second
This is real life story of a poor was very optimistic about life.

A poor man who walked one day and past an magnificent mansion, It was one of the most costly mansion there. He stopped for a moment and took a closer look at it. He admired the beauty of this mansion, the style, the design and walked towards it. The mansion is designed in the sense that it can detect anyone who is with weapons but if you're without, the gate with open in one accord. So the man enters into compound. With his hands, he felt it and imagined himself living in it. The estate manager who sighted this man from his office, ran out and shouted at the man for touching the mansion before he dirty the building with his dirty hand. He asked why he was touching a mansion he would not build.
"Can you build this? Do you even have money? Who are you? Do you want to dirty the paint of the buildings? Get out of this place before I descended on you. Do not come back here". The manager fired rudely, he was so harsh without a second thought. The old man felt really ashamed but yet still admiring the magnificent estate. While he staggered back smiling at the building, the manager called the security to throw out the man from the gate. But there was no security around.

Before now, the mansion own was watching the scene from his office just as drama the went on, he called the manager on phone and requested he sends the man into office. When the man walked in, the estate owner gazed at him. He looked at how I unkempt and poor looking the man was.
"What are you doing in a this compound as things went it's obvious you cannot afford any of the building? The owner asked".
"I only admired the building from a distance and wanted to take a closer look around it. The man explained.

But you have no money to build them. Why do you have an eye for things you can never afford". The owner asked.

The man looked around the office. Then asked the owner.
"Is this your mansion?"
"Yes it is?"
"Do you have another one?
"Yes I do"
"Was this what lived in some years ago?"
"But you are living in this magnificent mansion and you still want more?,"
"Yes I am"
"So why do you have an eye for a mansion when you cannot afford it?"
The owner chuckled
He offered the elderly man a chair and a drink.
"Where are your children?" The owner asked.
"I had a pregnant wife but I lost her some years back running in midst of people, during the war in 1976" the elderly man replied.
"Which war?"
"The Civil war Newland. Haven't you heard about it? It's quite a long time now probably you were still little a boy then" The old man said.
"My father is from Newland too. And my mother grew up in Newland. She spent all her life there and later decided to move out when she lost her husband."
"Is he dead?"
"No. Well, we don't know for certain. He got missing during the war and family. In the cause of their conversation, the owner realized that the elderly man was actually his long lost father.

They were alike in talking and in confidence. He spoke boldly like his father and looked so much alike. They shared common features. The owner quickly called the manager and ordered the manager to take his father to bathroom, cleaned him up and bring up to dinning room for lunch before taking him to meet his long lost wife. Before now, he ordered that the mansion his father had admired belongs to him instead as made order to relocate to another mansion in the estate. It so happened that the manager ended up becoming the house keeper of the same man he had ordered out of the compound because he touched the building he couldn't afford.

While taken the elderly man for refreshing, the manager apologized. He was scared of loosing his job.
"I'm sorry sir. Please do not hold it against me. I never knew."
The old man was extremely happy not even remember what had happened, he laughed happily. I also didn't know. I hold nothing against you.
"If you haven't shouted at me and create the scene, I wouldn't have met my son. I would have just walked away and wouldn't be living in the in the same mansion I had touched and admired either now here I am. But don't forget, this should teach you a lesson. Be nice to the people you come across in life, you may not know if you will be their house keeper someday"

"Does that mean you will make me house keeper?"
"But sir..."
"O come on, I am just joking. You're still a manager. But I love the way you serve. You will serving me for some few days, until I am ready to get a new house keeper for myself" The old man said.
Sometimes certain things happen to us for a reason. Not everything is bad luck. Your present attitude is key to greatness, it can uplift you and it can bring you down. Value everyone same for don't know the next second.
Thank you for reading

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