Love Always Finds It Way - The Ink Well Prompt #59.

Greetings everyone.

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Caleb Ekeroth

Ade and Bisi have been friends since childhood and shared a lot of memories together, they did everything together, attended same school and lived in the same neighborhood. As a result of how close these beautiful souls were, they started growing feelings for each other but neither Ade nor Bisi was will to spill the beans, but the fact remains that the jealousy of a lover cannot be hidden, therefore it was obvious that both of them were in Love.

Each time Ade gets too close with a person of the opposite sex, Bisi gets angry and vise versa. They kept acting like nothing was up until Bisi's father was offered a job in New York, therefore Bisi and her family will be leaving for New York in no time. A day to their departure, Bisi stopped by Ade's house to say goodbye, both of them could not control the tears running down their chin as they hugged each other tightly and said their goodbyes.

Manthas Hesthaven
The following morning Bisi and her family left for New York, leaving Ade in a state of total confusion and inability to focus, it took both Ade and Bisi time to get over not seeing each other, spending time with each other, playing with each other and all that they do together.

As they got separated from each other, their friendship grew stronger and the feelings got deeper as no single day passes that they don't talk over the phone, they never cease to chat on social media, always video calling each other no matter how tight their schedule was, they always make a way.

After four years of been apart Ade decided to take a scholarship exams, he wanted to further for his master's degree. A week later the result of the exams was out and fortunately Ade got to study medicine in New York, an opportunity to see Bisi again he said to him self. He told Bisi about the recent developments and they were both happy and celebrated this achievement.

After all necessary arrangements were been made, the following week Ade left for New York, arriving at the airport Bisi was already waiting for him, the moment she saw him she could not help but run to him, they hugged each other and finally Ade spilled the beans. Ade proposed to her a week later and she said yes, their Love Blossom and they lived happily ever after.

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