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"If it's the last thing I do before I die,
I'll definitely be in Oxlade city and walk on the tiles of Pisty."

"Ayarr, are you talking to yourself again?"

Mom asked as she walked into my room.

"I have been calling you for the past few minutes."

I'm sure I'm in trouble again. Mom has always shunned me never to wear my air pods whenever I'm in the house with her. I can't help it, i feel like if there's no music in my head at every point in time, I'll go crazy. Second problem is the fact that I'm still in my night wears. Mom always said that a lady washes up the minute she wakes up and put on nice clothes afterwards.

"Ayarr I'm talking to you, don't just stand there staring at me."

"Mom, I'm sorry i was using my airpod. I didn't hear when your call."

"You know I can have that airpod smashed right now, but I have realized that no matter how many times I smash them, one of those boys lurking around you always gets you a new one."

Not the talk about boys again. These talks usually lasts for hours. I had to come up with an excuse, or I'll be stuck with mom.

"Mom, I've got cramps. I need to shower and put on nice clothes."

That works all the time. Mom would never be the one to stop you from keeping clean. I walked pass mom and entered into the toilet. Leaving mom with no other option.

"OK, you clean up and when you are through, come down to the kitchen I want to have a chat with you."

"Yes Mom."

el Origen

After shower, I took the window exit and escaped from mom. With my pink jumpsuit, sparkling white shoes, my guitar strapped at my back, my airpods glued to my ears, and with a bright smile on my face with a touch of red blushes, I entered the streets. I couldn't explain why I was so happy, I just had a feeling I had a great day ahead.


"They say I'm a Gold digger
That my love for you would wither.
But I'm sure what I have for you is true
And it wouldn't die either."

"Ayarr, are you talking to yourself again?"

Rema said joining me in the subway, where I spend most of my days watching people go about their business.

el Origen

"No I'm not. I'm practicing my lines. I've got an audition later on today."

"Wow, that's great. Will you be playing too, it's been long I heard you finger those strings."

"I barely practice with my guitar, Mom complains that I disturb the house with it's noise."

"I think it will be much better if you perform with music, it will make your performance unique, besides most people will be singing as well."

"Fine, will you practice with me?"

"With all pleasure Ayarr. I want to see you among those chosen for oxlade."

"You remember that?"

"Of course, that's all you talk about right from childhood."


We sat in the subway for hours practicing and trying several tunes with the guitar. We were there till it was time for the audition. They were so many contestants and out of all these people only three people would be selected. I felt my self confidence wither, thankfully Rema was there to cheer me up all the way.


Few minutes later, I was called upon the stage. Faced by a crowd of about 100 people and five judges well known in the music industry. With the tune of the music I was about to perform blasting in my ears through my airpod, I grabbed the microphone contemplating if I should use the guitar or not, or wal simply walk away from it all.

"Whenever you are ready miss Ayarr."

One of the judges said. I searched through the audience and their faces were scary and full of expectations, until my eyes rested on the reassuring face of Rema and I read his lips say.

"You got this."

That was the inspiration I needed. I unstrapped my guitar, 1 2 3..I sang my heart out with my fingers working the magic like never before.

"You were great out there." Rema said as he helped me down the backstage.

"I hope the judges think so. I mean I almost froze in there."

"But you didn't. Cut yourself some slacks."

The moment I have been waiting for all my life was here. Time for the results to be called. This was a once in a ten years opportunity. A lady with glowing high heels and a cloudy blue gown walked to the center of the stage.

"And the three ARTISTS who have been chosen to perform in the Pisty stage of Oxlade city are;..."

I couldn't help biting my fingers and shaking my legs anxiously as I didn't hear my name among the first two names.

"And the third contestant is, Ayarr Queen"

My joy knew no bounds, my blood was flowing with such a rush that I didn't know when I kissed Rema passionately.

el Origen

"Wow, I didn't see that coming." Rema replied in shock.

"Me neither."

"Congratulations to you Rema. Your dreams will finally come true. I knew you could do this."


At some point, I wanted to give this a sad ending and skip Ayarrs name on the list, but then we are in the season of love and love is all about happy endings.




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