Nkechi was a student of a reputable university in her State. She came from a poor family, but that didn't discourage her from focusing on her studies. Due to her family background, she got a part time job. With this job she didn't have to bother her parents about her school bills.

Despite having a part time job, Nkechi still performed excellently in her academics. After the day's Job, she would shower, take two hours nap and stay up all night studying. Her academic excellence got her popular and of course her angelic beauty. This made lots of people want to become friends with her, but Nkechi chose her friends carefully. One of her best friend was Obioma. Though Obioma lived a bit of a rough life, Nkechi made friends with her because she was also brilliant academically.

They have been friends for a long while now. One day as they were having dinner together, Obioma started a conversation.

"Nkechi, don't you think it's high time you stop suffering with these part time jobs that pays you very little despite the amount of effort you put."

"My dear, there's nothing I can do about it. Without these jobs I can't pay my bills."

"What if I told you that there is a job that can pay you 10 times more than what you earn."

"Obioma, you must be kidding."

"I'm being serious. Plus you don't even need to work everyday like you do."

"This is hard to believe, I don't think there is any legitimate job that can pay you that much with little stress attached to it."

"It's simple, all you have to do is go out with my friends and I at night, Hook up with some Men and get paid handsomely."

"What do you mean by hook up with some men?"

"C'mon Nkechi you are not a kid anymore, you know what I mean. With this work, you will still have enough time to study and do your school work."

"I don't think I like this idea."

The conversation went on and on as Obioma gave Nkechi several reasons why she needed to join her in her line of work. Finally, Nkechi gave in and agreed to give it a try.


That was how Nkechi became a student in day time and a prostitute at night. With time, she got comfortable with the work because it didn't really affect her academic performance. Rather it gave her more time to study and enough money to pay her bills and purchase text books to study with.

Her levels changed significantly such that when she went to visit her parents during the holidays, her parents noticed the change. One night, after dinner her mother called her to sit and chat with her.

"My daughter, I can't help but notice that you have been spending more money than usual recently."

"Yes Mom, I got a new job."

"I'm really happy for you, but I need to know what type of Job you got."

Nkechi being a person who could never keep a secret from her mother told her mother the whole truth about her new line of work.

"Tufiakwa! [God Forbid]" Her mother exclaimed. "My daughter can never be a prostitute. Not when I'm still alive!"

Her mother was totally against her new Job. She shunned get and urged her to quit the Job.

"My daughter promise me that you would abandon that lifestyle and focus on your studies"

"But Mom this job gives me a lot of money."

"We have been surviving before you became a prostitute, we will still survive when you quit."

Nkechi agreed to obey her mom and promised to quit prostitution. She went back to school Concentrated on her studies and went back to her old job. When Obioma learnt about this, she became angry and stopped being friends with Nkechi.

Pride, Jealously and Envy is truly the downfall of a Man [Well in this case downfall of a woman]. In a few months time, Obioma got a brand new car from one of her male friends. This got Nkechi quite Jealous. As the year was coming to an end, Nkechi wanted to step into the NEW YEAR with a brand new car. This made her to break the promise she made to her mom and go back to her old life style [ More like going back to her commit] . She started hooking up with men trying to earn enough money to buy a car, or meet a person that would buy her a car.

Little did she know that during the festive period, people were searching for means to make more money. One fateful evening as she went out in search of a client, a Rose royce pulled up in front of her.

"This is My lucky day." She said to herself.

She bargained with the young man behind the wheel of the car, he agreed to pay her a huge sum of money if she followed him to his house. She agreed, got into the car and they zoomed off.

What happens from here is a bit of NFSW

This sad story ends with the fact that Nkechi never got to step into the NEW YEAR. The man with the Rose Royce became her last client ever.

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