Drowning For Love 💔

Christopher Campbell

Spotlighted By the Light Of the Moon, Gold stood at the shores of Cindy Beach looking at the sea which seemed endless. It used to be Her best spot in the world but right now it was her worst spot in the world. Every stone, Every chair, every umbrella, every movement of the sea, every single thing in the beach reminded her of something. Some made her smile and lost in thoughts, while others makes her want to cry her heart out.



As the wind whistled sweeping some sand as it passed, Gold remembered that It was on this very beach that she met Joseph.


Some years back, as She was sitting in the sand building a castle with her two best friends. Then came a group of boys playing police and theif. As the Theif was trying to get away from the police, he stumbled into the sand castle destroying the girls' hours of hard work.

"Holy Molly!! Are you blind?!" Gold screamed.

"Who builds sand castle in the middle of the road?"

"It's only a rude person that finds it difficult to apologize when they are are at fault."

"You should be the one apologizing for ruining my clothes."

It wasn't really a romantic meet between them, but then one thing led to another. Some how They became friends, became best of friends, then ended up as lovers.


She turned around and her eyes met the wind attempting to pull the umbrellas out of their hinges. Then she remembered the numerous dates they had been on in the beach. How they played in the sand, danced in the rain and laughed under the sun. One day he had asked her;

"My Gold, why do you like me bringing you to this same beach all the time?"

"This beach holds a lot of memory for me. When my mother died, my father brought me to this beach all the time. According to him, the waves of the sea always takes his problems away."

"That is quite awesome, and I thought it was because we met here."

"Yeah, that is one of the memories but, after father's death, here became my favorite spot. The only difference is that Dad came here to forget, but I come here to remember him."


It was getting late, the moon showed it's full form as it took it's rightful position at the center of the sky. She looked up at the moon and remembered that it was under the full moon that one of the most memorable things in her life happened.

On that fateful day, they have been at the beach all evening, having fun and having some serious discussion as well. It seemed to her that Joseph was trying to know all about her that particular night. When the moon was full, Joseph went down on one knee and said;

"My Gold, the only angel in my heaven, will you be my wife?"

He said as he opened a tiny box which exposed a glittering Gold Ring.

"Yes! Yes!! I will. With all my heart I'll marry you. I'll gladly be your wife and have your kids."

With this response, Joseph put the ring on her finger, got up and kissed her as the moon watched with a big smile.


Standing alone at the beach now, Gold couldn't stop the tears running down her cheeks. This memory was supposed to bring a smile on her face, but it is actually what she remembered by looking at the sea waves roaring that made her cry.

"Gold love, let's go surfing."

Joseph's voice rang in her head. She could see the images clearly like they were happening at that moment.

"My dear husband, you know I don't really enjoy surfing."

"I know honey, but I Love surfing and it is always boring without you by my side."

"Alright love, just for a little while."


We were surfing peacefully when terrorist on two separate boats came shooting rapidly.

"Gold Love we, have to head for the shores."

Joseph being an expert in surfing, got to the shore in no time, then he looked back and noticed that Gold was still fart behind. The sound of the shooting got her trembling and she couldn't get her Self to surf fast. Joseph had to go back for her.

"Hang on love! I'm coming for you."

The terrorists were coming closer by every passing minute.

"Grab My hand!"

Joseph said as he got to his wife. Just as she took his hand, a stray bullet hit him in the chest. He fell and the Waves of the sea swept him away with force.

"No 0!!!" Gold screamed in shock


His body was never found. Every day, Gold came to the beach hoping that his body would turn up at the shore some day. Today she was fed up.

"You took my lover away from him, and denied him a befitting burial. Today I will reunite with him under the water."

She said as she walked slowly into the water. She kept walking untill the water got to her mouth level and the Waves of the sea came sweeping her away to the bottom of the sea.

Christopher Campbell



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