A Story About Adventure, Shoes And Mood ..I guess

Ghost: Hey Queen! I hope you know that #theinkwellprompt for the week is out.

Queen: Yeah, I know that.

Ghost: You are aware that the prompt words are three this time; ADVENTURE, SHOE AND MOOD?

Queen: Yeah, I know that as well.

Ghost: Then why the forge are you still in bed when you haven't written a post for the entry.

Queen: I'm really tired, you can go ahead and fix a story.

Ghost: We always do this together, we are a Team remember?

Queen: Yeah, I'm sure you can cook up a story without me.

Ghost: Ok I'll give it a try.


Ghost pulls out "The journal" and starts inscribing some words, after several minutes of writing, ghost decided to read out what she has written so far.


"Aren't you up for an Adventure? the handsome boy asked, as he watched her put on her shoe with a dull mood."


Immediately Queen heard what Ghost had written, she jumped off bed and went to meet Ghost.

Queen: What the hell are you writing? those prompt Words are far apart, I need them together.

Ghost: There's nothing wrong with the words being apart.

Queen: No, I need something like.

"To hell with your mood, tag along for a Shoe Adventure."

Ghost: Shoe Adventure? that doesn't sound Romantic. These are lovers for crying out loud. How would you feel if that cute guy you have a crush on Pops up and tells you "Let's go for a shoe adventure." I will personally give him a slap in the face.

Queen: Which guy are you talking about? let's not go off track.

Ghost: Right, right we don't have time. How about this;

"My love, I see you are not in a good mood. Put on your shoes let me take you on a Romantic adventure."

Queen: C'mon that is too dull, I almost slept off listening to you read that. This is exactly what I want.

"I'm in a mood for adventures in Shoe."

Ghost: That is so hilarious, adventures in shoes? would you rather adventure barefooted?

Queen: You can laugh all you want, but that sounds perfect to me.*

Ghost: No it doesn't. Check this out;

"She came out of his room with her shoes in her hands, with the mood and expression on her face, one could clearly tell that she had an adventure in there."

Queen: adventure in where? Ghost that is some NSFW stuff right there.

Ghost: You are the one seeing it that way, there are several adventures a boy and girl can have in a room, apart from whatever it is you have in your head.

Queen: Yeah, I'm sure he told her a story that was so interesting that it made her take off her shoes. Anyways I don't like that, the prompt words are still far apart.

Ghost: At least they are in the same sentence, which isn't compulsory. The words can appear in any part of the story, and can be far apart from each other. It doesn't matter.

Queen: I know that, but I want mine close. Something like;

"The shoe in a mood for adventure kicked off the match."

Ghost: Now this is the only reasonable use of the prompt you have made so far. But this story will involve a sort of football match. What do you know about football?

Queen: Absolutely nothing. Okay how about this;

"My girlfriend and I are in a moody shoe adventure."

Ghost: What is with you and shoe adventure? It is now clear who the brains in this team is.

Queen: Oh! don't be silly, just because you came up with some boring Romantic lines doesn't make you The brain.

Ghost: I'm glad you admitted that they are Romantic. For that one more for you;

"At the peak of their adventure, when he was sure that she was in a good mood, he held her tight and kissed her passionately, she felt her body vibrate from hair down to her shoes."

el Origen -> Solo Buts

Queen: Fine let's go with this. Arguing with you is pointless anyways.

Ghost: Finally something we both agree on.


Queen looked at the clock and yelled.

Queen: Oh no! we are out of time. We have 10 minutes left. We can't come up with a story in such a short time.

Ghost: Calm down, I have an idea..

Queen: I'm not doing copy and paste or plagiarism.

Ghost: I'm not suggesting that either, I think we have a story already.

Queen: No we dont, we just have a sentence of about 30 words out of 500-1000 expected words.

Ghost: Will you stop rambling like a baby and hear me out. What makes a story valid for the entry?

Queen: If the story is related or has the prompt words in the story.

Ghost: I think our conversation meets that criteria, we might as well use this as our story.

Queen: No way! and have them call me the crazy Queen talking to her ghosts.

Ghost: C'mon they wouldn't, they are all lovely people in the community. Besides anybody that calls you that will be the one talking to a ghost when I'm done with them.

Queen: oh ok then. But promise I'll still get to hear That story about the passionate kiss.

Ghost: Definitely, who knows we could use it as the story for the next week's prompt.



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