The Encounter...



Carter spends his weekends at the ocean and nothing relieves him better of the week's stress than the waves and sight of the ocean.

He works in a military research facility and is highly respected because of his combat skill which is a plus to his career as a scientist.

Every weekend is the same excuse for Carter and his colleagues gave up on trying to make him hang out with them over the weekend.

It was summer and he packed his things on a weekend as usual. He got all the supplies he needed for two days since he had a boat he lives in whenever he visit the ocean. Almost everyone who visits the ocean regularly on the weekend recognizes Carter and some even mistook him for one of the harbor guards.

That weekend, Carter lay at the shore of the ocean until sunset. The week's stress hits him differently and he wished he could just go on a vacation for a few weeks but he couldn't abandon his ongoing research.

He was gazing at the stars from his boat at midnight when he heard a huge splash of water behind his boat. He switched on his torchlight and checked around but he didn't see anything.

Carter returned to his rocking chair and while he was slowly dozing off, he heard a female voice that was going through pain. He went to get strapped with his weapon and gently moved to the direction of the sound.

He started hearing some unfamiliar voices and it got clearer as he approached them. Carter paused for a moment when he had a clear view from afar and he was frightened at the sight of what he saw.

He could see scales on their body and one had a large tail covered in scale as well.

"Are mermaids real? I thought they were just myths" he said as he watched them.

He observed the air around them had some sweet fragrance and he secretly took their pictures.

Carter thought they would be gone before backups come so he made up his mind to get one of them. He slowly moved towards them and he was unnoticed until he stepped on a plastic.

They turned in his direction and immediately, one of the mermaids who had transformed into a human ran off into a nearby plantation.

The other creature didn't move because she was injured and she pleaded for mercy. Carter didn't believe his eyes because he hasn't seen such a creature in his life.

"what are you?", he asked as he pointed his gun at the creature.

" My name is Hannah and I am a mermaid" The creature replied as it was making some low anguish sound and it couldn't move from where it was.

"What happened to you" Carter asked.

"Human did it, they hurt me and my family"

Carter pointed his torch at the body but couldn't find a wound.

"You don't have a wound?" Carter asked as he moved closer to her.

"It is chemical, they poured it into the water and it hurts us". Hannah replied.

He felt pity for Hannah but he knew how much he can achieve with it so he carried her to his boat. The longer she stayed on the ground, her tail and scale faded out.

She couldn't transform quickly like the other mermaid who ran because she was hurt, Carter won't have been able to catch up with them if she was unhurt.

Carter locked her in the room and sat outside as he ponder on what to do. He went into town that night to look for a pharmacy, he got injections to counter the effect of whatever toxic chemical is affecting her.

He got back and found her completely naked, he quickly applied the treatment to her and waited.

At daybreak, she was feeling okay.

She thanked Carter for the help and begged him to let her go but he refused. Carter locked the boat and went to a cafeteria because he needed time to check about the creature.

He learned about their violent nature toward humans so he called the research institute and requested a few soldiers to check the plantation where the other creature ran so they can prevent it from hurting people.

Backup came and they went searching. Carter caught the fragrance of the creature, it was easy for him because of the close contact he had with them last night.

He was thinking about the things humans have done to those creatures while the search was on. The things he saw online were terrifying and he thought that it would be bad for him to bring pain to those creatures again because based on history, humans started the problem first.

"Why didn't I think before calling for support for the search?" He grumbled as he slowly withdrew from the search group.

Carter misled the soldiers after he made up his mind to help the creatures return to their home, he met the creature where it was hiding naked.

He showed the creature which direction to go so it won't get caught and he called off the search after some time. The soldiers returned and later that night when everyone had left the ocean, he threw Hannah into the ocean and watched her transform.

Hannah swam back to his boat and she said, "thank you" as she released more fragrance into the air.

Carter watched his opportunity to make millions of dollars swim away. He smiled and said to himself, "I am glad I could help".

A few weekends later, he was reminiscing about the experience when he heard a splash again.

"Could it be them again?" he asked himself.

Carter quickly grabbed his torch and went to check. He met Hannah with more mermaids.

He was shocked that they were that much and he warned them about coming to land too frequently. Hannah handed him a bag and they all rushed back into the ocean.

Carter felt the bag was heavy and he took it back to his boat to check what was inside. They turned out to be hard objects wrapped in foil paper and he didn't believe his eyes when he unwrapped them. Everything in the bag was gold, and he never saw them again after that day.

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