Papa's Story.

It was the weekend and Jeremy decided to take the family out for lunch. He is a businessman who travels a lot so whenever he is around, he loves to spend quality time with his wife and kids.

"Where is Dera? Isn't she aware we are going out?" Jeremy asked Nick and he just pointed to Dera's room.

Jeremy went to check Dera's room and was surprised to her lying on the bed. The little one was looking unhappy and Jeremy could tell that something wasn't right.

"Honey, are you okay?" Jeremy asked while touching Dera's to feel her temperature.

"Your temperature is okay," He muttered and sat on the small bed.

"Talk to Daddy, you know I am not happy when you are like this. Did your mom scold you when I was away?" Jeremy tried making Dera speak but she didn't.

"She has been like that since she returned yesterday. Nick said it had to do with a school competition but she wouldn't speak about it," Clara, Dera's mom said to Jeremy immediately when she walked in.

"A competition? What kind of competition scares my daughter this much?" Jeremy asked while poking Dera.

"It's a debate. I told Miss Gloria that I couldn't face the audience at the nationals but she wouldn't listen to me," Dera finally spoke and Jeremy was glad she did.

"That's inconsiderate of Miss Gloria, why would should force you to do so?" Jeremy asked.

"I don't know dad. I am really scared, it's always very crowded at the national and I can't handle it," Dera replied and started sobbing.

"Don't do that, do you want Papa to cry too?" Jeremy drew Dera to himself and patted her.

"Stop pretending Dera, Miss Gloria told you before getting into the competition. Crocodile tears!" Nick cuts into the conversation.

"Don't talk me, Nick," Dera shouted back at him and Jeremy had to caution the kids not to scream at each other.

"Honey, can you order us some Pizza? I think we should just stay at home," Jeremy said to Clara who swung into action immediately.

Jeremy held the kids hands and went to the living room but Clara suggested that the garden would be better so they all moved outside.

Upon getting to the garden, Jeremy rolled up his trousers and there was an ugly scar on his leg. The kids stared at Jeremy weirdly and even though they didn't say a word, they wanted to know how their dad got it.

"Did I ever tell you guys how I got this scar?" Jeremy asked and the kids shook their heads sideways.

"Unlike other boys back then, I couldn't ride a bicycle. Everyone including my father always teased me about it and my excuse then was that I hated bicycles," Jeremy said to the kids.

"I thought boys love bicycles," Dera stuttered.

"Almost every male child does and I did too," Jeremy replied.

"Dad, but you said you hated bicycles?" Nick asked.

"I thought I did but when I became a teenager, I realized that I was just scared. Fear made me think I hated bicycles," Jeremy replied.

Their conversation was interrupted by the Pizza guy and the kids were happy to see him.

"Dad, the scars. How did you get it?" Dera muttered, she had too much pizza in her mouth and was barely audible.

Jeremy chuckled and continued.

"On my 13th birthday, I got a bicycle as a birthday present and didn't ride it for over a year but one morning, I saw the need to face my fears. It was my first day in high school, I met new friends that day and among them was your mother. I couldn't take my eyes off her while in class but was too shy to approach her," Jeremy paused to take a bite from the slice of pizza sitting on his plate.

"So what happened after," Nick asked.

Immediately it was closing that day, I rushed out to meet your mother but she left on a bicycle with a few friends so I concluded that if I wanted to get closer to her, I must learn to ride a bicycle. The weekend came, I brought out my bicycle from my dad's garage and he helped me with fixing it.

I was too tired to ride that same day so I waited till next and guess what?

"You crashed into a big tree," Clara replied and burst into laughter.

"Mom! Be nice," Nick said to Clara immediately.

"Yes, I crashed into a tree and got injured badly. It was really bad," Jeremy said and rubbed the scar on his leg.

"Sorry Dad," Dera stuttered.

"Thanks, my love. I was on crutches for a few weeks and immediately after I was fine, I took my bicycle again, fixed it and hit the road,"

"That's my dad!"Nick said with excitement.


"I fell again a few times before knowing how to ride properly but I still couldn't approach your mother. Months passed and a bicycle race was organized in our school. My dad told me to join but I was scared because losing would make everyone call me a loser. I thought about it again because I wanted to impress your mom so I joined on the last day of the registration and I won the competition,"

"Yes! Yes!!" Nick screamed and the kids started clapping.

"Your mom came to congratulate me after the race and it was the beginning of who we are today," George concluded the story and the kids were excited.

They finished their pizza and returned to the house because the sun was up and burning really hot. Dera had cheered up and the family did a few activities together over the weekend.

"Nick! Dera! Your bus will be here soon," Clara hurried the kids while having breakfast on Monday morning.

"Don't worry about the bus, I will take them to school today. You want that right?" Jeremy asked.

"Yes, daddy. Tony hasn't seen your new car," Nick replied and they all laughed at him.

Jeremy drove the kids to school as promised and bid them goodbye. He was about to turn on the car engine when Dera rushed back to the car. Her eyes were heavy and Jeremy knew something wasn't right.

"I can do it, right?" She muttered.

"Hey honey, you don't have to. Okay?" Jeremy replied.

"I can win the nationals if I face my fear," Dera asked.

"Yes, honey. You will conquer your fears if you face them," Jeremy replied.

"Okay Daddy, I will go to the nationals. I will tell Miss Gloria once I get to class," Dera stuttered and Jeremy hugged her.

"That's my girl. I will be there to cheer you," Jeremy said to Dera and her sad face lightened up.

She waved goodbye again and smiled, Jeremy waved as well and was glad he could inspire her.

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