Inseparable Hearts.

It was Kelvin's first day at the new school and he wasn't so happy with the change of school. His family relocated after a natural disaster struck at their former residence and they had no choice than to move to another state.
Immediately after the disaster, Uncle Bob who happens to be Kelvin's uncle offered Matt, Kelvin's dad an apartment in his mini estate and it was a huge help for the family.

Matt was happy about the move since Uncle Bob already got a job for him but Kelvin wasn't happy about it. The thought of starting afresh in a new environment made him unhappy, and he found it difficult to blend in.

"Common, you will love it here. Students here are friendly," Ellen, Uncle Bob's daughter said to Kelvin while at the school gate.

"I know they don't bite here but it's not just the same. I miss my former school," Kelvin replied sighing heavily as he watched students walk towards the school.

"I understand you and we have to go in now or miss the assembly," Ellen replied and Kelvin dragged himself into the school premises. Uncle Bob and Matt had already done the necessary things at the school and Kelvin only had to resume which didn't happen until a week after.

They joined the assembly and Kelvin didn't stop looking left and right while the assembly was on. Luckily for Kelvin, he was in the same class as Ellen and that made him comfortable to an extent since there was a familiar face not just in the school but in his class.

The assembly ended and the students marched to their various classes. Immediately after the class started, Kelvin's class teacher introduced him to the class and he was welcomed warmly.

Kelvin sat next to Ellen since there was a vacant seat beside her, and she was able to put him through with a lot of things in the class.

"What did I tell you this morning? Didn't you like the school?" Ellen asked Kelvin as they trekked home in the afternoon.

"Yeah, it was cool. I just miss my friends and hope they are fine wherever they are," Kelvin replied.

"I am sure they are fine and you can make new friends here," Ellen replied.

Weeks passed and Kelvin had settled in well. He already made a few friends and many students liked him.

"Ellen, what's wrong with that girl? She barely talks to anyone in the school," Kelvin asked while at the canteen during the break a few weeks later.

"Which girl?" Ellen asked as she scanned the female faces in the canteen.
"The one in the blue sweater over there. I noticed she is always alone," Kelvin replied.

"Oh, you mean Sarah? Please don't interact with her because she's a bad apple,"* Ellen replied.

"Bad apple, what does that mean?" Kelvin asked.

"Her stepmom reported to the school authority that she steals and we kept our distance from her so we don't get influenced," Ellen replied.

"That's bad," Kelvin stuttered as he stared at Sarah from a distance.

The day ended as usual and Kelvin didn't stop thinking about Sarah's case.

"What could have prompted her to steal?" Kelvin thought and wished he could ask her questions.

Kelvin would always stare at Sarah during lunch break but he didn't dare to walk up to her. After returning from the midterm break, Kelvin couldn't hold it together so he approached Sarah on the school field after the Wednesday sports activity.

"Hi Sarah," Kelvin stuttered.

Sarah looked around to be sure that he was speaking to her.

"There is no one else here," Kelvin said to her.

"Hi," Sarah replied.

"Did you really steal? I am not happy seeing you lonely in the school," Kelvin asked.

"Please, I don't want trouble. Let me be," Sarah replied and left the field immediately.

"It's not what you think, I was just curious and wanted answers. Can you please wait?" Kelvin pleaded but Sarah didn't wait.

Immediately after the closing bell rang, Kelvin tried talking to Sarah but she didn't answer him. He felt terrible and blamed the way he approached her.

"I should have asked nicely," Kelvin thought as Sarah's response echoed in his head every time their eyes met in school.

Kelvin tried to gain Sarah's attention several times, but she didn't give him any and it got to a point when other students began to notice Kelvin was obsessed with trying to get Sarah's attention.

"What's wrong with you? Aren't there other girls in the class?" Ellen asked angrily because of the gossip spreading about Kelvin and Sarah.

***"What do you mean? I will choose whoever I want to play with," Kelvin answered jokingly but Ellen was pissed and she warned Kelvin against trying to become Sarah's friend at all costs. It got to a point Kelvin's classmates started acting weird to him but it didn't bother him.

"Are you scared to say the truth? I just wanted to be your friend because I don't like the way other students treat you," Kelvin said to Sarah during lunch break some days later.

"Yes, I did. I am a thief and you shouldn't mingle with me," Sarah replied and Kelvin was glad she finally spoke to him.

"Why do you steal? You don't look like a bad person to me," Kelvin asked.

"I and my sibling were hungry so I stole from my stepmother twice to get us food,"Sarah replied.

Kelvin was about to ask another question when the break-over bell rang and they returned to class. At closing time, Kelvin asked if he could walk Sarah home and she agreed.

***"My mom died when I was a kid and my dad had to remarry. The woman always pretended to love us when Dad was around and when Dad travelled to work in another state, she became a demon. I tried talking to Dad but he only listened to her. She didn't take care of us and even made people hate me at school and in the neighbourhood before she left one day and never returned," Sarah told Kelvin what he wanted to know.

"Really? You went through all this and didn't tell anyone about it," Kelvin asked.

"No one believed me, even my dad blamed me for my stepmother leaving. Everyone thought I was the bad person," Sarah replied and burst into tears.

"Please, stop crying. I believe you," Kelvin and they bid each other goodbye immediately after they arrived at Sarah's house.

Kelvin changed his seat the next day and everyone was surprised Sarah was the only person he thought of sitting with.

"Are you out of your mind? I warned you about this girl," Ellen screamed at Kelvin immediately after he switched his seat.

"You don't have the right to tell me who to make friends with," Kelvin replied angrily.

Although Sarah wasn't comfortable with Kelvin picking up a fight with Ellen, she felt happy because someone believed her.

Ellen didn't hesitate to report Kelvin to his dad but that didn't change anything. Kelvin's relationship with Sarah grew and it helped them improve academically as they read together since other students wouldn't associate with them.

About a year later, a few students started associating with them because they were always topping the class. It took a while before Sarah could share her experience with other students and they apologized for treating her badly.

Over the years, Kelvin and Sarah's friendship blossomed and they were just inseparable.


"I have stolen twice in my entire life and would love to do that again," Sarah said to Kelvin while spending some time out together to celebrate their success after graduating from secondary school.

"Why? Do you need something? I can ask my dad if we can't afford it," Kelvin replied.

"No, it's not what money can buy. Do you trust me, Kelvin?"Sarah asked.

"Yes, I do. Why do you ask?" Kelvin asked.

"You have to close your eyes to know why," Sarah insisted.

"Okay, I will do that. You are making me nervous," Kelvin replied and closed his eyes.

Sarah's heart raced as she stared at Kelvin and she took a step closer to him. She took a deep breath and kissed Kelvin who opened his eyes immediately after the lips contact.

Sarah became shy immediately and covered her face with her palm.

"I am sorry," she stuttered.

"Don't be sorry. I was going to ask if you would be my girlfriend," Kelvin replied.

"Are you for real?" Sarah asked.
"Yes, please be my girlfriend. You know I love you with all my heart," Kelvin replied.

Sarah was speechless and just stared at Kelvin as tears poured from her eyes.

"Yes, it would be an honour to be your girlfriend. I love you too and you know that," Sarah finally found the words to express herself and she hugged Kelvin whose happiness was boundless at that moment.

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