An Impression That Saved You From Y2K [ENG/ESP]


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An Impression That Saved You From Y2K

A car honks its horn insistently as it maneuvers to avoid a pedestrian who is absorbedly crossing an important avenue in the city's financial district. Alexander, the distracted walker, jumps with large strides to quickly exit the avenue and apologizes to the angry driver, who seems annoyed and hurling expletives as he walks away. On his way to his night job as a credit analyst at a major financial institution, Alexander reaches into his pocket and checks how much money he has. He enters a coffee shop near his work, with the idea of buying something to eat and spending the night at work. Once at the counter, he tells the attendant to give him a pack of cigarettes. «If I buy food, I'll die with the urge to smoke, but if I smoke, I'm sure I'll forget my hunger,» he thinks as he pays, leaving him only the ticket to return home in the morning.

On the seventh floor of the modern office building, Alexander greets the security officer standing at the door. The officer, upon seeing him, greets him: — How are you my brother, do you have a cigarette — with a big smile on his face.

— I don't have one, my friend, I bought myself a sandwich and I'll hold the urge to smoke tonight, — he replies, thinking that every night he offers him a cigarette, but he has never gotten one back when he needed one. «Let him buy his own vice, that's enough,» he thinks and heads to his job as a call center operator at the financial institution. As he sits down at his small desk, he finds the day's diary left by his colleague after finishing his day. «This is very good, now I won't be bored tonight,» he says to himself, getting ready to read every last page of the diary.

After a few minutes, Alexander turns his attention to a special report in the newspaper on World Anti-Smoking Day. Reading about the subject of the report, he is struck by a part that says: "In the year 2000, there will be 235 million deaths in the world due to smoking". He focuses his attention on this statement and thinks about how they could be so sure of this figure if it is only the first half of 1992. Continuing his reading, he comes across another statement: "Those people who will die today are between 17 and 45 years of age". Alexander reflects and realizes that, according to his age, he qualifies in the aforementioned statistic. Later, he reads something that strikes him even more: "These people have been smoking for between 2 to 8 years today". Again, he sees himself in the statistic, realizing that it has been 5 years since he tried his first cigarette at that crazy party with his friends.

As he continues reading, he again stops at the following figure: "These people are currently smoking between 12 to 36 cigarettes a day". Alexander looks at the cigarette he has just lit, which he knows for sure is number 21 for the day, thinks to himself, and wonders: «What if I were to become one of these dead people in the year 2000?». At that precise moment, the impression that perhaps he will not know what will happen after the millennium arrives paralyzes him completely. His body shudders and an icy chill run through him internally. Just imagining that he could be dead in about eight years makes him feel frightened and unsure of his future. His life passes in his mind in fractions of a second and he imagines it ending in the year 2000. Still, in awe of what he has just felt, he stubs out the cigarette he is only halfway through.

— Everything all right here, my friend?— asks the security officer on his usual nightly rounds, as he passes in front of his somewhat desolate office. Alexander looks at him with a surprised look on his face and immediately beckons him to come closer.

— Here, I'll give it to you — he says to the security officer while placing the pack of cigarettes in his hands, which now has one less.

— Why is that, my dear friend,— answers the security officer, still surprised by Alexander's kind gesture.

— I don't smoke anymore,— Alexander answers and feels a great emotion when he says it.

— Wow, this is crazy, but thank you very much, can I really keep it?— asks the surprised officer, who can't believe his luck.

— Yeah, sure, sure,— Alexander insists. After watching the security officer happily walk away, he sits back and reflects on what he has just done.


It has been three weeks since Alexander quit smoking. For him, it has been a difficult process. During these three weeks, he has kept away from his social circle, including family and his girlfriend, to avoid falling into temptations and not achieving his goal. Already somewhat surprised and worried about Alexander's estrangement, they had taken the decision to carry out an intervention at his residence, to make sure that everything was all right. In order to avoid this, Alexander agreed to arrange a family meeting that Saturday at his parents' house, where he would give them details of his transformation, as he himself defined it. When it was time to show up for the meeting, everyone was surprised by the obvious changes in Alexander. His physiognomy was noticeably more recovered, since he preferred smoking to eat, and he had lost a lot of weight. His girlfriend shed tears of happiness when she embraced him and did not feel the unpleasant smell of tobacco that always accompanied him. The joy was felt by all present, who, very happy, celebrated the change in Alexander and his decision to quit smoking. He, very happy, only thought of the great story that awaited him beyond the year 2000. A life that he recovered, impressed by the report he had read.


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Una Impresión que lo Salvó del Y2K

Un automóvil toca con insistencia su bocina, mientras maniobra para esquivar a un peatón que cruza absorto una importante avenida en la zona financiera de la ciudad. Alexander, el distraído caminante, salta con grandes pasos para salir con rapidez de la avenida y se disculpa con el airado conductor, quien se le nota molesto y lanzando improperios mientras se aleja. Camino rumbo a su trabajo nocturno como analista de crédito en una importante institución financiera, Alexander mete la mano en su bolsillo y verifica de cuanto dinero dispone. Entra a una cafetería cerca de su trabajo, con la idea de comprar algo de comer y pasar la noche en su trabajo. Ya en el mostrador, le indica a la persona que le atiende, que le despache una cajetilla de cigarrillos. «Si compro comida, moriré con las ganas de fumar, pero si fumo, seguro se me olvida el hambre», piensa al momento de pagar, quedándole solo el pasaje para regresar a casa en la mañana.

En el séptimo piso del moderno edificio de oficinas, Alexander saluda al oficial de seguridad en la puerta. El mismo lo saluda: — Como estas mi hermano, ¿Tendrás un cigarrillo?— con una gran sonrisa en su rostro.

— No tengo, amigo, compre un sandwich y aguantaré las ganas de fumar esta noche, — le responde, pensando en que cada noche le ofrece un cigarrillo, pero nunca ha obtenido uno de vuelta cuando lo ha necesitado. «Que compre su propio vicio, ya es suficiente» piensa y se dirige a su puesto de trabajo como operario del centro de llamadas de la institución financiera. Al sentarse en su pequeño escritorio, encuentra el diario del día que ha dejado su compañero después de terminar su jornada. «Esto es muy bueno, ahora no me aburriré esta noche», se dice disponiéndose a leer hasta la última página del diario.

Pasado unos pocos minuto, Alexander se centra en un reportaje especial del diario, sobre el día mundial contra el tabaco. Leyendo sobre la temática que trata el reportaje, le llama la atención una parte que dice: "En el año 2000, habrá, en el mundo, 235 millones de muertes por culpa del cigarrillo". Centra su atención en tal afirmación y piensa en como podrían estar tan seguros de esa cifra, si apenas corre el primer semestre del año 1992. Siguiendo con su lectura, se encuentra con otra declaración: "Esas personas que morirán tienen el día de hoy, entre 17 y 45 años de edad". Alexander reflexiona y se da cuenta de que, según su edad, califica en la mencionada estadística. Más adelante, lee algo con le llama mucho más la atención: "Estas personas han estado fumando entre 2 a 8 años el día de hoy". Nuevamente, se ve dentro de la estadística, al darse cuenta de que han pasado 5 años desde que probo su primer cigarrillo, en aquella loca fiesta con sus amigos.

Al continuar con su lectura, nuevamente se detiene en la siguiente cifra: "Estas personas fuman actualmente entre 12 a 36 cigarrillos al día". Alexander mira el cigarrillo que acaba de encender, el cual sabe con certeza que es el número 21 del día, piensa para sí y se pregunta: «¿Y si yo llego a ser uno de estos muertos en el año 2000?». En ese preciso instante, la impresión de que quizás no sabrá lo que ocurrirá después de llegado el milenio, lo paraliza por completo. Su cuerpo se estremece y un gélido frío lo recorre internamente. El solo imaginar que puede estar muerto en unos 8 años, le hace sentirse atemorizado e inseguro de su futuro. Su vida transcurre en su mente en fracciones de segundo y la imagina terminándose en el año 2000. Aun impresionado con todo lo que acaba de sentir, apaga el cigarrillo que apenas lleva a la mitad.

— ¿Todo bien por aquí mi amigo?— le interroga el oficial de seguridad en su habitual ronda nocturna, mientras pasa frente a su oficina, un tanto desolada. Alexander lo mira con cara de sorpresa y de inmediato, le hace señas para que se acerque.

— Toma, te la regalo — le dice al oficial de seguridad, mientras coloca en sus manos, la cajetilla de cigarrillos que ahora cuenta con uno menos.

— ¿Caramba y eso porque mi querido amigo?— contesta el vigilante, aun sorprendido por el amable gesto de Alexander.

— Ya no fumo— contesta Alexander y siente una gran emoción al decirlo.

— Vaya, esto sí que es loco, pero muchas gracias. ¿De verdad me puedo quedar con ella?— pregunta aun sorprendido el oficial, quien no puede creer su suerte.

— Si claro, seguro, — insiste Alexander. Después de ver alejarse muy contento al oficial de seguridad, se sienta a reflexionar en lo que acaba de hacer.


Han pasado tres semanas desde que Alexander dejo de fumar. Para él, ha sido un proceso difícil. Durante estas tres semanas, se ha mantenido alejado de su círculo social, incluida la familia y su novia, para así evitar caer en tentaciones y no lograr su objetivo. Ya un tanto extrañados y preocupados del alejamiento de Alexander, habían tomado la decisión de realizar una intervención en su residencia, para asegurarse de que todo estuviera bien. A fin de evitarlo, Alexander accedió a concretar una reunión familiar ese sábado en casa de sus padres, donde les daría detalles de su transformación, como el mismo lo definía. Llegada la hora de presentarse al encuentro, todos se quedaron sorprendidos por los evidentes cambios en Alexander. Se notaba más repuesto en su fisonomía, ya que al preferir fumar antes que comer, había adelgazado bastante. Su novia, derramo lágrimas de felicidad al abrazarlo y no sentir el desagradable olor a tabaco que siempre lo acompañaba. La alegría se dejó sentir en todos los presentes, quienes, muy felices, celebraron el cambio en Alexander y su decisión de dejar de fumar. Él, muy contento, solo pensaba en la gran historia que le esperaba más allá del año 2000. Una vida que recupero, al impresionarse por el reportaje que había leído.


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