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Aguleri — The Kingdom of Milk and Honey//Inkwell writing prompt

Success is sure a mood enhancer that gives you the impression that you can do anything, especially when you just succeeded in getting a big project done. That was the mood of Dr. Maxwell — an exploration geophysicist, who just hit a milestone in his exploration career, as he spearheaded the discovery of crude oil at Alauto village of Imo state, Nigeria.

As he was still celebrating the success of the project with his team, a call came in from Honorable Nduka — a well known politician (lawmaker) from Anambra State, proposing that he explore the famous Aguleri kingdom in search of crude oil. Being a mouthwatering offer, Dr. Maxwell couldn't reject the contract.


Hello team, I have good news for you, he said as he returned to where his team was still having fun. Alright boss, we all ears, they responded. I just accepted a contract we would be commencing by next week. And guess what? Its benefits are far better than the just concluded one. Dr. Maxwell said to the team with a cheerful tune. Where is the place boss? One of them asked. It's in Anambra state, Aguleri to be precise. He answered. But boss, before you accept any contract, you often do your research before saying yes to any client. Am surprised you accepted instantly without doing some background checks. Ebuka, a member of the team asked.

The Aguleri kingdom is a land flowing with milk and honey, it is extremely blessed with crude oil but all attempts to find the exact location have never been fruitful, as there are believed to be extraordinary forces seeing to the failure of all attempts. Stories have it that their deity causes the disappearance of the crude oil upon sensing the presence of a stranger. He continued. It would be a total waste of time and resources.

The offer was mouthwatering, and besides we are known for our success in places of great failures. This would be an enjoyable adventure we would embark on — following the brief story you just told us about the place. Also, just imagine what that would do to our reputation if we eventually succeed. I have great personalities in you all, and I know with good planning, we will succeed. Dr. Maxwell replied as he cheered the team up.

As someone that respects people's culture, Dr. Maxwell's first move towards the project was to consult a seer with the intention of offering sacrifices to the deity and letting his intention known to them. It was from there that Dr. Maxwell got to know that Hon. Nduka was the one that hired the scientists that came before him. However, they all weren't successful due to the motive behind their mission — Hon. Nduka wanted the place explored for his selfish interests; he never had the people of Aguleri in the plan. The seer also stated that anyone going into the land with the same motives, would only be wasting his time and resources.

On getting home, he called for his team to get together so that they could decide on what to do. It was then they decided to go on with the plan but now they won't be working for Hon. Nduka but the people of Aguleri.

The next day, Dr. Maxwell and his team commenced work on the famous Aguleri kingdom. Before that however, they hired some locals, trained them on how the exploration was done, gave them the required kits — such as shoes, helmets, and so on.

For the first three weeks of commencing their work at the place, nothing substantial was achieved by Dr. Maxwell and his team. The fourth week — through the help of a local, Dr. Maxwell went back to the deity with sacrifices, asking it to help guide him and his team. He also promised to bring in more gifts if their mission becomes a success.

On returning to the land that week, everything seemed to have changed, as there were a lot of obvious things indicating the presence of crude oil. And that was how Dr. Maxwell and his team succeeded in their mission.

On the news getting out, the federal government took over the project. They paid Dr. Maxwell more than twice the agreement he had with Hon Nduka. They also made sure the people of Aguleri kingdom were well represented in the committee that would see to the mining and refining of the crude oil.

St. Filipz.

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