You Reap What You Sow


Jam was the only son of Kaira, and he was of 17 years old. But her mother had always instilled hate in his mind for his half-siblings. Actually his father was also married to another women, and had three children, which were half-siblings of Jam. So they were also heir in their inheritance, but this was unacceptable to Kaira. So since his childhood, Jam learned to hate them, and his mother was the only one who was responsible for this. She was continuously preparing him to take revenge from her co-wife and her children. One day she said,

"Jam..! My dear have witnessed..the pain... the agony...the torment, through which I have passed throughout my whole life. You know what, who is responsible for that?....Sigh.....Your step-mother...She took your father from me, and he always behaved harshly with me..!"

Then she started to weep hardly, when Jam saw his mother crying, he wiped her tears, and said some words to console her.

"O my lovely mother...please don't cry..! I am here for you, and see how I would take revenge from our enemies...!! They haven't only hurt you..but they have also taken my place in father's heart..!"

But the reality was opposite to that, George (Jam's father) never did injustice to any of his wife or children. He was used to treating equally all his children, and the reason of his marrying another woman was that, she was widow, and living a miserable life. So George wanted to give her a good life. But George first wife was not agreed to that, how could she endure to see someone else as a partaker in his husband inheritance. So she was spoiling her own son to took her revenge or to keep them away to be sharer in their property.

George tried hard to make her realize, but she was not in mood to understand his words.

"Kaira! You know well, how much I love you, how much I care for you, but still you never try to understand my position....How many times I stated the reason, why I married her..she was helpless."

"O..please George...don't try to betray me...these are just lame excuses. I will never forgive you for your disloyalty..Now she is not only your wife..but also have share in your inheritance."

In short, she always behaved rudely with George, and never accepted his second wife and children. One day George organized a party in Large Villa which was his inheritance from his forefathers, and now this Villa was going to be the property of his both wives and children. They all were also invited there, because this party was organized to celebrate George's promotion in his office.

But Kaira was not agreed to attend the party, George convinced her many times, but all was in vain. George said,

"Kaira...come on, please leave this stubbornness, and let yourself be happy at my success...I want to see you beside me at every step. "

"I had made the decision, and that's all." Kaira said to George.

Jam intervenes, " don't need to be worry about it, I will convince her, and I assure you that we both will be there for you."

George was happy to hear this, he praised his son, and left for his office. Now Kaira was annoyed with Jam, she was even shocked to hear this, that how could Jam utter such words to his Dad. She said,

"Jam...Are you mad? Why you affirmed your Dad that we would attend the party? How I would face her, "she devil." Seriously, I was not expecting this nonsense from you."

Jam gets up from the sofa, and sit on the floor ahead his mother, and placing his hands on her face, he said,

"O my lovely Mom...see, this party would be last for them, they wouldn't be able to live again, and the Villa.....he laughed, This Villa would become their deathbed forever."

Actually he was planning to kill his co-siblings, and stepmother in the party. He hired his special agents as a waiter, and asked them to poison the food of his co-siblings and step-mother. Everything was arranged well, and party began with great delight. Now it was a time for dinner, so it was served nicely to all the guests.

After the dinner, Kaira and Jam both felt some heaviness on their heart, and soon they both were unconscious. George hurriedly, delivered them to hospital, where doctors informed they both were already dead.

Actually the poisoned meal was said to be delivered on the table of Mr George's second family, but the waiter mistook it and delivered it to the Mr George's first wife table, which was Kaira. So they both were dead, after eating the poisoned meal. The pit they dig for others, become their grave, and the inheritance for which they fell to this extent, was now only the property of George second wife and children. It's rightly said,

"Whoever digs a pit may also be recipient. "

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