You have an angelic beauty


Victor was very found of paintings, although he was not an artist, but loving and appreciating the work of artists was his favorite activity. He had visited almost 62 exhibitions in his whole life, and never missed anyone if he ever knew of it. This time a great exhibition was also going to be held in exhibition hall, and Victor was also invited there.

Finally, the day arrived, and Victor set out for the exhibition hall. He entered a large hall, and was delighted to see some good pieces of paintings by some great artists. After visiting the paintings by almost 10 artists, finally he headed towards the next one, but his eyes were bewildered to see this matchless painting by Miss Rania. His eyes were sparkling with joy, and he uttered some words,

"Bravo...What a painting!!! OMG...throughout my entire life, I haven't witnessed this great work.!! Where is its holder? I want meet her."

Manager informed him,

"Miss Rania had some emergency, so she had left early."

"Can I get her contact number? Or her address?" Said Victor!

Manager: "You can surly get her contact, here it is."

" But how I would be able to recognize her, as I haven't seen her before." Victor said to the manager.

Manager: "She is tall, and have long black hairs, and her most prominent feature is her dimples on cheeks."

Victor: Ahhmm...That's OK, thank you for your help."

After getting, her contact number, he finally asked her to have a meet up plan somewhere in restaurant, because he wanted to appreciate artist Rania for her skills. She agreed to meet him in the nearest restaurant, and the very next day they were in restaurant.

But they haven't seen each other before, so it was difficult for them to recognize each other, but the description which Manager gave about her, was still in Victor's mind. His eyes were searching for a tall girl with dimples on her cheeks, but he also saw two or more girls with tall height and dimples, so he was confused.

Finally, he decided to ring Miss Rania to know her current location,

Victor: "Hello Miss Rania! Are you here in the restaurant? I am here for 20 minutes, but couldn't able to find you."

Rania: Mr Victor, turn around, I am on the table behind you, as I can hear your voice."

He turned around, and she was smiling, he could truly see her dimples, and long shiny hairs. But, before he could utter something, he saw her eyes which were sparkling with something brighter than the stars. Her eyelids were beautiful, as if she was wearing cucumber slices, which were making her larger and attractive.

Rania: "Hello Mr Victor, how are you?"

She stretched her hand towards him, but he was mesmerized to hear her melodious and **lovely voice. **After the handshake, she asked him to have a seat, and he utter only few words,

"Miss Rania, “You have a lovely tone to your voice and it is so captivating. "

"Aww....Thank you Mr Victor, I am honored." She replied.

Before they started the conversation, Victor ordered two rum and coke. After placing the order, they started to talk to each other. Victor asked her about her passion for paintings, and he really appreciated her current painting which he saw in the exhibition. She explained the reason, what led her to choose this profession, and now it has become her passion.

While they were having interesting gossips, the phone of Miss Rania started to rung suddenly. She asked Victor, "Could I go to hear a phone call." "Definitely! He replied. She went near the window of side table, and after hearing the phone call, she was heading again towards the table. While Victor, was lost to see her beautiful dress.

She was wearing a baggy dress shirt with tight jeans. It seemed to him, that this dress is only made for her. Every time, something new attracted his attention towards her. He was out of words, as he hasn't seen such a beauty before. Her hairs, eyes, hand, voice and dress, in short everything captivated him to utter these words,

"Miss Rania! You are the purest description of all the attributes, which an artist can have. You have an angelic beauty, and your paintings are solid proof of it."

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