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Zadig was a responsible person throughout his whole life, as he was catering the needs of the family of five members, his wife and their three children. But Dora was not a responsible woman, who always behaved carelessly, and caused different problems for her husband. But still he was a humble person, who never a said a word to his wife, and always treated her politely.

Zadig was working as a manager in textile Mills. One day, his company planned a trip of six members to another city for important meeting with their clients. Zadig was also going with his colleagues to attend the meeting. He informed his wife about the trip, and asked to take care of herself, and children in his absence. He also gave her two glamorous diamonds, which was a legacy from his parents. He said,

"Dora! I hope you can understand their importance, as my father gave it to me, and now we will transfer it to our own son."......Keep it with great care.." He further added.!

Dora kept the diamonds near her dressing on the side table, and went to do other households, which were pending since the morning. At 3pm her husband left for the airport, with heavy heart, as it was his first time leaving her wife and children alone. But it was about his work, so he couldn't deny his boss. This was a trip of 10 days, the days were passing peacefully, he was used to ringing Dora every day, to ask about her well-being. He was used to asking, about everything like,

"Dora, did you lock the back door? Oh...go and check the kittens, they must be hungry, and where are the keys of cabinet, keep them at a secret place."

Although he was at work, but his mind was at his home because he was well aware about his wife's carelessness. It was the 9th day of his absence, while Dora woke up as usual, and after doing her households, in the afternoon she went to her neighbor's house to have useless gossips.

Her children were at school, and the house was empty, she even doesn't care to lock the entrance door, and was busy with her neighbors in useless talks. While suddenly the management of the village announced that a band of thugs has entered the village this morning, and they have already stole so many houses. They informed the villagers to be careful, and to protect their belongings.

But Dora was still there, and she never pay heed to summon, even her neighbors were doing necessary measurements to save their house, and she never cared about anything.

A band of thugs entered her house, as her door was already opened to welcome them. They started to check all the cabinets, and stole everything which their eyes see, finally they entered in Dora's room, and their eyes were shining to see the glamorous diamonds on the table. On of then said,

"Bravo!!!...look at these alluring diamonds...someone must have placed them here for us."

The other said,

"Are you mad? Wrap them inside the box, without any sound...someone can hear us, so be careful...instead better thing is to keep them inside your pocket. "

He immediately put the diamonds inside his pocket, and after stolen all the money and wealth, the thugs left the house happily. After staying in her neighbor's house for three hours, finally Dora came back her house while her children were also back from the school.

But she was going to lose her consciousness, when she saw all the drawers were opened, and everything was scattered there. She started to mourn, because nothing was left inside the house, all her money and Jewelry was stolen by the band of thugs. While she was weeping badly, suddenly a thought of diamonds came in her mind. She shouted,

"Diamonds..OMG..where are the diamonds? Kim! Roy! (Her children), please search for the diamonds..OMG...Zadig asked me to keep them with care...please go and search."

They all were searching for the diamonds, but nothing was there. Dora was weeping badly, she was blaming herself for what has happened. She sat on the couch hopelessly, "What I would say to Zadig about diamonds?" this was the only thought in her mind, while her children were still searching the diamonds. Suddenly, one of them shout with excitement,

"Mom, look! They're here..!"

Hearing this, Dora ran to see the diamonds, and she was happy to see them in her daughter's hand, they were shining brightly.

Actually, while a thug was placing the diamonds in his pocket, they slipped, and fell on the carpet, because his pocket was ripped from one side.

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