Awaken by the light of the moon


James was the only child of his parents, who was pampered with great affection since his childhood. His parents did their best to raise him as a good child, they dressed him well, educate him, and fulfilled his every wish. He was the only source of their hope in their declining years. But sadly James, was not ready accept his responsibility. He was used to living an idle life, so his night and day were spending in an idleness. But now his parents were frail and feeble, so they were not in position to do anything for themselves.

They were completely dependent on him, but James never cared for them. One day his father advised him,

"O my lovely son, this life is very hard, and can't be spent being idle or inactive....Leave your laziness behind, and move ahead in your life."

Bus James was not in mood to hear the advice of his father, he said,

"I am old enough to understand my good or bad, and I can make my own decision you don't need to be worry. "

In short, he never cared for anyone, and continued his shiftless routine for two years. But James father was in utmost pain, he was thinking to find a possible solution to make his son understand his responsibility. But his every advice was useless, and nothing was working on him. He was actually in need of some luminescence, the light like moonglow which can expose the purpose of his life, to extract him from the abysses of his slackness.

One day James wake-up with the same laziness, and after having his breakfast he went out with his friends as usual. It was the midnight, but still he was not back. His mother was weeping badly at his absence, and his frail father was searching him till the afternoon. How could they sleep peacefully when there only son, the apple of their eyes was not at home. James' mother spoke to her husband,

"You were used to scold him every were not tolerating him in this he is gone, go and celebrate his absence"..... Ahhhhh (wiping her tears), she spoke to herself..."My son.. James...please come back! Your mother can't live without you."

Hearing her words, James's father burst into tears, and said,

"Seriously? Are you blaming me for all, what is happening. Am I responsible for this? How could you?... He is also my son... If I ever scolded him, it was for his well-being...nothing else." He wiped his tears and went to the roof.

His night spent worrying about his son, but he was also saddened to hear the words of his wife. Throughout his whole life, he did his best to raise his son, and his only wish was to see him as a successful man, but all his expectations were ruined due to his son's carelessness. He was in deep pain, while he whispered to himself,

"James... O my beloved son...wish you could understand my words...I only wanted to see you as an achiever..."

He whispered these words, and lie down on the floor, he felt pain in his chest, but never did anything to relieve it. In the morning his wife, found him dead. His worries, pain and hardships were end, and he left this world under the pale moonlight.

When James heard the news of his father's death, he was stunned and unable to move. He rushed towards his home, and seeing the dead body of his father, he was unconscious. His mother was mourning, and blaming herself for his death,

"James!...Look at your father..he left us, he left this world..."""""...he must be tired of the pain which he received from us...ahhhh poor soul..!" (She wiped her tears) " Wish I hadn't uttered those harsh words to him."

But James was still, and couldn't utter a word. After the funeral, he wanted to have a peace of mind in the solitude, so he went to the roof, and also lie down the floor.The misty and dewy moonlight was sprinkling in his eyes, which has illuminated his inner spirit which was blown out for years.

The brightness of the moon was enough to stir his conscience. He realized his mistakes, carelessness, and dereliction of duty, which was the biggest cause of his father's worries. He was ashamed at his previous behavior, but now his soul was awakened, and he was destined to achieve a great milestone in his life.

Although, his father was gone, which was a great loss for him, but it has also made him realize his mistake to be a hard worker in his life, and the moonlight was the only witness of this biggest change in his life.

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