Shhhhh ......they're here

The Gothia Cup, the world's most famous youth cup, is an international youth football tournament, is to be held in which 1700 teams from 80 countries will participate.
All teams will try hard to take part in this preparation.
When the players arrived in the morning for practice on the football field in California, they saw that the ground was uprooted.
There was a hexagonal pit of 40 feet in circumference in the middle of the field. The players were stunned.


After stopping for some time, he reported this matter to the local police. A senior officer arrived with his team from the police station.
Two famous scientists and an astronomer were also reported missing from the city on the same night.
After inspecting the spot, the police could not find anything. not understanding, the police asked the higher officials to settle the matter.
The administration formed a high-level panel of scientists to investigate the incident and take an immediate decision. A physicist, an astronomer, a rocket engineer, and some other military officers were included in this panel.
The Penal conducted a long-secret investigation into the matter and also took cognizance of such earlier incidents. He also reviewed movies and photographs of UFOs. Changes from bad weather were also cited.
Penal was aware that many civilians and aircraft pilots had previously reported sightings of unidentified flying objects. The investigation was progressing on this subject, but apart from normal incidents, there was no evidence of anything to consider a UFO incident.
Astronomers are of the opinion that these phenomena reliably indicate the presence of extra-terrestrial friends from the outside world.
The government also had some unidentified things from UFOs of unknown nature, but the records of all these were kept in Canada. Several hundred images of UFO sightings in these records are also preserved in the archives.
Various countries have given sufficient evidence of UFO sightings in Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Australia, etc. UFOs are said to have been sighted during secret rocket tests in the Soviet Union.
The governments of many countries have conducted secret rocket and nuclear tests in their countries and told the story of supernatural craft to mislead the public.
UFOs have been seen many times in China too, but it was considered a war.
It is known to all that, without help, the eyes deceive, a bright light is felt moving from afar. The celestial bodies seem to follow the drivers. The visual effects of the distance and speed of the UFO also seem highly unreliable and fanciful.
In today's era, our generation has got the most advanced cameras, which are available only on our mobile phones. These cameras are capable of recording 4D Dolby Vision HDR even at night. That is why we have the freedom to imprison the arrival of these guests in our cameras.
The last panel could not reach any decision. The investigation was closed.
The football ground was repaired, but the local people felt that now those guests have come from another world and they are present somewhere here.


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