She loves him in the moon light on the mountain

As Sierra entered the office, Anthony called her to his chamber. He tells Sierra that you will have to go for a mission and expose a fake rock climbing center. Sierra agrees to go on the mission and asks for details, "Where do you want me to go, Anthony?"
Anthony gives her the details about how he came to know about the fake climbing center in Leavenworth. We need to expose it so we can save tourists from getting cheated.
Anthony runs a vlogging company, and Sierra is his favorite vlogger. He is very satisfied with Sierra's work, so he trusts her for her travel-related reports. Sierra asks for all the details and leaves the office. Meanwhile, Anthony makes arrangements for her trip to Leavenworth.
Sierra reached Leavenworth, where she was received by Tanya with a car from the climbing company that was waiting for her as part of their package. Tanya picks her up and the two girls reach the residential area of the mountaineering club. Tanya showed her in her room and suggested, "You take some rest now, I will pick you up tomorrow morning." Your training session begins tomorrow at 8.30 in the morning. "
Sierra came out on the lawns of the guesthouse after getting fresh and was very happy to see the mountains. At the same time, the owner of the Heaven Climbing Center, Brandon, who was a smart but simple man, was also present in that guest area.
Sierra didn't know it, so she thought he was spying on her. Brandon didn't tell him about himself, but he left the scene with a broad smile on his face.
The next day, at 6 a.m., Brandan arrives at Sierra's cottage and wakes her up. Sierra opened the door of her cottage but felt too angry when she saw the same man standing at her door.
Brendan smiled and introduced himself to Sierra. Then he said, "Your journey begins today." From this point onwards, you will follow my instructions."

Sierra thought, "Let me hear his points first, then I will expose him in a day or two and go back." Brendan told her that it was a fantastic place for climbers and worth the money. There are lots of routes in a relatively small area, and this area has a long history of climbing and mountaineering.

This is a great place to start your lessons in rock climbing. But if you like to simply walk on the road, it's fine for me. All climbers, any level, that doesn't make any difference can find something to challenge themselves in all sorts of climbing conditions here.

After walking for a while, they headed to the Bavarian-themed village of Leavenworth, where they had some authentic German food and drinks.
Later, Brendan called the chopper, and they both reached the climbing point.


On reaching the climbing point on the mountain, Sierra felt nauseated.

While climbing, Brandon helped her a lot. Sierra didn't know why she felt as if Brandon was doing anything wrong. She felt rather attracted to him. Both of them fell in love with each other while talking in the light of the moonlight that night in the mountains.

Sierra told him that she had come to expose him. She also told him that she had a lot of praise for him in her latest vlog post.

Finally, Sierra came back. But she couldn't forget that moonlight night. A few months later, Sierra got engaged to Benjamin, the son of a liquor king, but Benjamin was not a person who looked like he did in public life. In fact, he was a heavy boozer, a prankster, and a liar.

One day, Benjamin insulted Sierra in front of his friends. Sierra felt bad about this and told all about it Brendan. Brandan arrived after two days, and he and Benjamin discussed and fought furiously over it. In that fight, while trying to separate the two of them, Sierra suffered a head injury and was admitted to the ICU.

Sierra recovered from her illness and broke off her engagement with Benjamin. Later, she and Brendan got married. On the wedding day, she remembered that moonlight night they spent on the mountain that was the beginning of their journey of love.


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