Patriotic family

Bankers' Hill is located in the Uptown San Diego neighbourhood, bounded by Mission Hills and Hillcrest to the north. It is located on the hill above San Diego Bay and the airport.

One of the houses in this area was Bankers Hill, where Mrs. Susan Jacob lived with her son. The entire atmosphere of this area was military.

Mrs. Susan Jacob's husband Mar Jacob was in the Air Force. After they were married for only 3 years, her husband, Mr. Jacob, died in an aeroplane crash when he was on duty.

Mrs. Susan Jacob dedicated her life to bringing up her only child, Stephen, who was only 1 year old at the time of her husband's death.

Mrs. Susan Jacob has brought her son up facing many difficulties, and 16 years have passed since this incident.

Mr. Mark Jacob had received many awards for his bravery, and seeing these awards and hearing about his bravery, his son, Stephen, grew up.

That is why the bravery of his father was in the blood of the son.

Stephen brought his high school diploma and placed it in his mother's hand and said,

Mom, now I also want to do go in the army.

But son, you are still very young. You should get some higher education and then do some planning for your future.

Stephen's mother did not want her son to join the army as she had lost her husband long ago.

Stephen said, "No mom, I have to protect my country. I want to follow in the footsteps of my father by serving in the army like my father, even if I lose my life while fighting with the enemies."

The spirit of his father's bravery was running in Stephen's blood, and the mother knew that Stephen was not going to agree to her refusal.

So she very reluctantly allowed Stephen to join the army.

The mother had already lived in seclusion for the rest of her life due to the death of her husband. She had no other support in life other than her son.

That's why she did not want her son to risk his life becoming a soldier.

When Stephen's interview letter came from the army, her mother understood that now Stephen was not going to listen to anyone.

Soon after, Stephen was selected for the army and went to San Diego for training, home to the nation's largest concentration of military personnel.

More than 15,000 active duty service members come off active duty service in San Diego each year.

In training, he won the best cadet award many times. On his return from training, Stephen was counted as a good soldier in the army.

The Army deployed him with a special squad, which was used to send him to fight with the most dangerous terrorists.

The army posted him with the patrolling team in North Carolina.

Repeatedly, many unsuccessful ambushes were carried out by the enemy to remove and capture assets of the army.


One day, their group was on patrol outside North Carolina as support troops for the Third Special Forces Group when they were ambushed by about 100 bombers aligned with militants. The ambush was intended to harass military units.

The anti-terrorist force fought the enemies with all of their strength and compassion.

But in the end, eight soldiers, including Stephen, were killed and seven others were injured in this ambush by this suspected armed group .

Many militants were also killed in the counter attack. The group leader of the anti-terrorist force was badly injured in that and was only alive due to the bravery of Stephen.Because Stephen sacrificed his life to save him.

The sergeant of that unit himself went and gave the news of Stephen's death to Mrs.Jacob at her house under military rules. Hearing the news, Stephen's mother was stunned for a moment, then she asked the sergeant whether my son had fought valiantly with the enemies.

The sergeant informed the mother that her son fought his enemies with all of his strength and compassion.

Her mother became sentimental, but she stood firm. The atmosphere of that place became very calm and cool, and the people standing there were very sad upon hearing the news of Stephan's death.

The sergeant, along with his entire contingent, buried Stephen's body in the state crematorium with full state honours.

Johnny's mother was also given the gallantry award posthumously.

Now Mrs. Susan Jacob is called the martyr's wife and the martyr's mother. Even though she has lost her husband and son to the country.

she is proud of it.


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