A very poor man roams the streets and sells some goods to support his family.
And for that, worked hard. This man had never seen any happiness.
Whenever he used to see rich men in the markets and on the streets, this thought used to come into his mind: how did these people become so rich?
All this was a dream for him that he too would become a rich man someday.
One day, he saw on the way that a car hit a pedestrian and that the driver ran away with his car.
Seeing this scene, he could not stop. He immediately helped the injured person and took him to the nearby hospital.
In the hospital, the doctor admitted the injured person after giving him first aid.
Within a few days, the injured person recovered and was discharged from the hospital.
After being discharged from the hospital, the injured man, who was a wealthy man, went to the accident site, where he interrogated the people around the accident site and traced the house of the person helping him.
Knowing the address from the people, he reached that person's house, and after going there, he saw that the person helping him was a very poor person, living in a small house with his wife and one child.
On reaching his home, the injured person thanks the poor person for his help and tells him what he can do to help him.
The poor person welcomes and respects him to his home.
The rich man is very pleased with the behaviour of this poor man and asks him if he would like to work with me.
In this way, the poor person gets a job in the organisation of the rich person and his life starts going well.
Gradually, the rich person and the poor person become friends. The rich person does everything possible to repay the favour of the poor person.
The poor friend says to his rich friend that till you did not meet, I used to think that maybe rich men are very proud, but after meeting you,he came to know that it is not so. Not all people are arrogant.
The poor friend said that I do not understand yet how some people become so rich.
The friend explained to him and said that no one gets rich in a day.
He had to work very hard for this, and there should be good luck as well.
Let me tell you one more thing: no matter how hard a person works this is will of God,without that no one can become rich.
The poor friend made up his mind that he too would become a rich person someday by working hard. And in this way, the poor person started working hard in the company of his rich friend.
Their friendship deepens and they go to many functions together too.
The wealthy man was invited to attend the wedding of the daughter of a very rich man.
He also wants to take his friend to attend this wedding.
This friend has no experience of being invited to attend the weddings of rich peoples.
The poor friend tells his friend, "brother,I don't know the manners if I go there, then your respect will also be spoiled."
Because I have no experience of attending the weddings of high class , I will not be able to adjust by going there.
Hearing this, the friend said, "Oh don't worry, everything will be adjusted.
You have to talk to anyone who meets at the wedding about their family and about their children.
The friend shook his head and said, "Okay, I will do the same."
A few days later, both the friends arrived wearing their best suits to attend the wedding.
Poor friend meets a girl at that marriage ceremony.
To test the lesson taught by the friend, he asks to the girl , "Are you married?"
The girl says no, she is not yet married.
Then the poor friend asks her how many children she has?
The girl gets angry and leaves from there.
Then he wonders what happened to her.
I'll speak properly this time.
Thinking this, he goes ahead and sees a beautiful woman.
This time, he thinks I'll handle it well, and he asked the woman, "How many children do you have?"
The woman said that I have three son and that all three work on good posts.
The friend thought that maybe this was the right time to ask whether she had gotten married or not.
And he asked this question to that woman.
On hearing this question, the richest person and the host of this function, who was standing behind him, said to the poor friend, "Wow, what a sense of humour."
And maybe that was a turning point.
The richest man and the organizer of the event hugged the poor person and said that I need a cheerful person like you very much would you like to work with me.
Perhaps the rise of the poor man's fortune had begun by the will of God.


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