Love at first sight


Eliana is a beautiful girl about 21 years old. Eliana's father is a wealthy industrialist. She is very fond of writing articles and taking photographs of rural cultures.
To fulfill her desire, she visits some village every month and sees the civilization there. she also publishes information about the people thereby making mini short films.
Due to this profession, one day she gets into such a mountainous area and gets very impressed by seeing the panoramic view there.

During photography, she sees a boy climbing the mountain through ropes. Eliana is very surprised that this boy is happily climbing the mountain with the help of ropes.
He is not feeling any kind of fear. she is very pleased with this skill, and when he comes down from the mountain, she goes to him and introduces herself to him. And asked his name also.

I am Alex. Who are you and for what purpose have you come here? I have not seen you at this place before.

My name is Eliana and I come from Dallas, Texas. I take pictures of people from rural areas and write articles about them.

Alex was surprised; he had never cornered that this could also be work. Alex was a very simple boy from the hill region.

Eliana was also very surprised to see that a man could climb mountains with such ease.

Both were greatly influenced by each other. Eliana took forward the series of things and asked her whether I could climb these mountains with you and take photos.

Alex says you can take it, but how will you climb the mountain?
Eliana said, "You will take me."

All this is not such an easy task.

Never mind, if you help me, everything will happen.

Alex said, "Okay, then tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock you come to this place with your preparations, and both of us will go."

Eliana goes from there to her place of stay and reaches there again the next morning with her travel bag.

Alex was found waiting for her.

Alex told her that she would not be able to climb the mountain with this bag. It is too heavy. Take only the necessary items from it, and leave the rest alone.

Eliana said that it only contains some of my clothes and makeup items.

Laughing Alex says , the make-up items will not be required on the hills.

Eliana felt a little bad and said, "What do you know about this, girls do not go anywhere without makeup." And where would you leave my bag here?

Alex said, "Don't worry about it; we will keep the goods on road ." This is the place of the mountain; no one touches anyone's goods here. The residents here are very simple and honest.

Eliana liked this very much and left her goods there. Then she started climbing with Alex mountain. After a while, Eliana understood that it was not all so easy.

Alex started climbing Eliana up the hill in a very sophisticated manner and with full help.

Ongoing up a little, a huge waterfall was found on the mountain, which Eliana felt so fear and was thrilled to.

Alex supported her and took her in his embrace and moved up the mountain. Alex stopped when they came to a slightly flat place.

After putting a camp there, they both decided to spend the night at that place.

At night, Alex showed Eliana the sky and stars with a telescope, then both of them had a fish dinner. This fish was caught at the hill pond and was also cooked by Alex there.

Eliana was very happy to do all this and see Alex's behavior, and she started to get attracted to him.

In the night, both of them were sitting face-to-face, burning the wood fire.

Alex asked, "What do you do other than this?"

Eliana said that I like songs. I am a singer, but whenever I sing, everyone makes fun of me.

Alex assures her that , no one will make fun of you here, only I am and you are here.

There is no one to fun with you. Then Alex picks up a piece of wood and tells her to sing a song, coenduring it as a mic.

Eliana agrees to sing a song at his repeated requests, and she sings a very beautiful song.

Alex tells her that she sings a very good song.

Hearing this, Eliana becomes very happy and embraces him.
Alex asks her, "Do you have a boyfriend?"

Eliana told him she has a friend but he is not her boyfriend.
Alex falls in love with Eliana but does not reveal his feelings.
In this way, they complete their mountain journey, and Eliana goes back to her city.

During this journey, Alex and Eliana start liking each other, but neither of them tells their feelings to each other.

After reaching Dallas, Eliana is told by her parents that her marriage has been arranged with a boy from a very big industrial house and that she will get married in 15 days.

She becomes very sad and remembers Alex in her heart.

Eliana's engagement is about to come. Eliana is very sad that she does not want to get married but is unable to resist her parents.
At the engagement function, Eliana's parents introduced them to each other.

Eliana was very sad to meet him when it comes to knowing that her future husband is a person of indecent behavior and was involved in the unfair business.

Eliana becomes sad and being unhappy she begins to leave the function location.

Due to sadness and a bad mood, her leg gets stuck in her gown and she falls down from the balcony, falling there, she becomes so injured and becomes unconscious.

When Alex gets the news of this incident, he immediately reaches to Dallas to see Eliana.

Alex reaches Eliana's hospital. On reaching there, he saw that Eliana was lying in the intensive care ward of the hospital with an oxygen mask on her face fitted.

All the members of Eliana's family stood sad out of the ward. Seeing all this, the heart Alex was sad and he was weeping with tears in his eyes.

Alex stood silently along with the other members and kept looking at Eliana by the door glass.

Eliana's father, mother, and siblings come to know that Eliana is in love with Alex. Alex was remembering all the scenes spent with Eliana one by one, and he was very sad.

After 3 days, Eliana came to her senses.

Then He went to her room to see her and told her, jokingly, "Eliana, you are looking more beautiful even without makeup. she remembered that when they meet the first time then they were discussing the girl's beauty without makeup box " hearing this talk of Alex, a smile came on Eliana's face while she was on the hospital bed in a critical condition, and the family of Eliana becomes very happy to see her smile and love with Alex.

Eliana came back from the hospital in a few days.

Eliana and Alex get married because her parents become agree to marry Alex after seeing their deep love. By the grace of God Eliana recovers very fast.

Both of them are living happily Now.


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