Hate and love

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The annual awards ceremony was attended by boys , girls and teachers from International Girls College, The Boys School of Arts, and St. Peter's School.
The awards were to be announced at the ceremony.
As always, the participants of the boys' of school of arts didn't expect to get any awards.
This time also St. Peters school's students won four prizes out of five that were given to their school.
The only award given to beauty competition was received by International Girls College. The winer of this award was Zen.
Zen was a very beautiful girl, and her outfits were always very unique.
Many boys from both the boys schools liked her and wants to get Zen at any cost.
A boy named Andrew School of Arts was very impressed to Zen's beauty .
Andrew does various things to impress Zen and eventually makes her fall in love with him.
Seeing this, the group of students of St. Peter's School was very jealous because the boys' school of Arts was considered a useless school and its boys were counted in the category of useless and stray boys.
Richard, a boy from St. Peter's School, planned a trick to humiliate Andrew and to impress Zen by this .
He came to know that the next day Andrew would go out of the house to buy some things for his father's shop .
He conspired to have Andrew's accident on the way of market .
But unfortunately, that day, Andrew's elder brother Ethan was going to take goods in place of Andrew, and he faced with an accident in place of Andrew and got a fracture in his leg.

Ethan was a very sober boy, different from other boys, and never used to taking parts wrong activities. nowadays he was practicing cycling to prepare for the next competition.

This accident affects his preparations a lot and breaks his dream.
In comparison to Ethan, Andrew was a careless type boy.
Before this accident, Andrew was not serious about anything and had lived only in his fun.
This accident left a lot of impact on his mind. He made up his mind. Now he will get victory in this cycle race.

After thinking, he starts preparing for the cycle race, but in these preparations, many difficulties are faced.

Andrew and Ethan's father was a poor person and was a simple Coffee shop owner.
His income was not enough to purchase a new cycle for Andrew,

He could not buy a new cycle, while for the race, Andrew needed a cycle with automatic gear, which cost a lot.

But Andrew had now determined to that he would definitely win this cycle race by all means. So he started practicing with old cycle.

Even during practice, many boys from St. Peter's school kept harassing him, but he was not going to give up and continued to do what he wants .

Andrew's enemy, Richard and his companions had planned for Andrew to be badly hit on the way to the track and thrown into a ditch if he entered a cycle race.

Shyam's friend listens to this plan of Richard and goes to tell Ethan the detail of the plan.

Eathan advised Andrew and tells him not to get into any kind of quarrel and fight.

He said to Andrew that You know I am already a handicapped person , if something goes wrong with you Then what would be about our father's future ?

On hearing this, Andrew promises Ethan that he will not fight with anyone but he will protect himself and win the race by any cost.

Finally, the day of the race has arrived. All the contestants had reached the starting point on their bicycles, fully equipped like coloured dresses and with helmets, etc.

An announcement was made by shooting a bullet into the air and all the contestants started pedalling the bike pedals.

This race was about 15 kilometres long, in which hilly roads, winding roads, rocky paths, and small rocks were also to come.

After every 2 km, a checkpoint was set up, so that organiser get ensured that the participants had crossed that check post.

The journey of about 4 kilometres run was cut short easily. Andrew managed to get away from all without any hurdle.

but afar some distance some of Richard's friends came and fight with Andrew but he defend himself very cleverly.

Due to this fight, about 20-25 minutes of Andrew’s time got spoiled, but he did not give up and kept on moving forward.

Shortly after, he again overtook the contestants. Now he had covered almost 12 km.

Now he saw Richard was behind him with his 3 companions, they reached him with their cycles and started beating him again.

Andrew had vowed his brother not to beat anyone, so he faced the situation quietly.

Then, during the scuffle, he saw that Richard was about to slip and fall under the ditch.

Andrew ran and grabbed Richard's hand and saved him from falling into the ditch. Richard became stunned and said to his friend not to fight any more.

From there again, Richard and Andrew move forward with their cycles.

Andrew was cycling very fast but he saw that Richard is going forward to him.

When both come to the last line, it seems that this time also Richard will win the cycle race, but suddenly Richard slows down the speed of his cycle and allows Andrew to overtake.

In this way, Andrew wins the cycle race.

All the students sitting in the audience lifted Andrew on their shoulders and congratulate him, but Andrew comes down from their shoulders and silently reaches out to Richard and hugs him, saying that you could have won easily, then why did you give me a chance to win.'

Richard told him that he was ashamed of his bad behaviour. he said Andrew that you saved my life, while being an enemy he was disturbing him, so he was indebted to Andrew.

He also said that You are the rightful person of this victory.

Seeing Andrew and Richard hugging, all the people of the three schools became very happy.

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