Friends are forever


John , Richard and Albert were three friends. All three were very careless, drunk, womanizing, and lazy people.
All three friends did not follow any kind of rules or regulations.
But their friendship was very strong. The three friends lived in a rented house and used to work in different places.
John was a singer in a hotel, where he used to entertain people by singing songs during dinner.
He also entertain himself with the ladies who had come to the hotel.
Richard was a swimming instructor for the participants of the city's well-known swimming club, Deep Blue.
Richard also used to have a lot of fun with the girls coming here.
Albert also teach karate at a karate centre.
He too had full freedom to enjoy with the girls.
In this manner, the lives of all three were being spent very comfortably.
But perhaps God did not accept all this, that the lives of these people should be cut off from fun.
One morning, when John opens the door to get milk, he sees a basket kept near the door.
An innocent little girl of about 1 month was kept in this basket, and a letter was also kept along with her.
It was written on this piece of paper that the girl belongs to one of the three of you. Now all three of you have to take care of her and nurture her. It's your duty now.
Seeing the girl in the basket, all three friends were surprised and talk among themselves about which of the three this child could be.
They also think that maybe someone must have joked with them.
All three begin remembering which girls they had relationships with in previous lives.
Nevertheless, all three decide together that now whoever has the responsibility of raising the child, they all sit down and make the rules.
From now on, someone will be released from the home on one day, and that little girl will be taken care of. Then all three would go to the market and buy the items used by the children: clothes, toys, powder milk boxes, nappy, diapers, etc.
Soon, all three of them become tired of it because they were all carefree and fun-loving individuals.
They did not like this type of bondage. And all three think of an idea to get rid of the child.
After discussing it among themselves, one night, all three of them kept the child in the same basket and kept it outside the church.
From there, they come back to their house. When they reach home, they see that their house looks very empty.
On the same night, there was a very strong storm and rain.
All three of them get nervous thinking about what will happen to the child in such weather. The humanity inside them wakes up.
The three of them run to the church and find that the girl was weeping alone inside the basket.
All three were heartbroken, and they pick up the girl and bring her back home.
After that, all three take turns taking holidays and taking care of the girl with a big heart, and gradually, the girl starts growing up and becomes about 3 years old.

And it was also probably not acceptable to God that they were living happily with the child.
The girl was named Elma by all three of them. Elma got along very well with them. All three used to play with her and were very happy.
Now these three friends have become the people who follow the rules. They used to reach home on time. Drunken, womanising and gambling had also stopped.
They had changed a lot.
One day, suddenly, their doorbell rang. When John opened the door, he saw a beautiful woman standing in front of him.
She asked about Albert as soon as she came. John and Richard asked the woman to come inside.
Coming in, the woman again asked about Albert. They both asked the lady how she knew Albert.
The woman told that her name is Rubi and she is Albert's very old girlfriend, the child you guys are raising. This is mine and Albert's child.
I had placed this girl on your doorstep 3 years ago, I have come to take back this girl.
The Albert was not at home. All three said to the Rubi, you wait till evening, when the Albert comes back, then you will take the child.
Rubi stopped there and waited for the evening to come.
Albert also came home in the evening. He was very surprised to see Rubi there.
When he came to know about the whole thing that the girl whom all three of them were raising.
He was very happy to know that she was his own daughter.
But when he came to know that Rubi had come to take the girl back, all three were heartbroken.
they begged Rubi a lot to leave the girl with them, but Rubi did not agree.
Rubi told them that marriage was settled with a very rich man who had made a contract with this man that he would keep her daughter with him.
Rubi takes her daughter from the vicinity of these three.
After the departure of the child, friends get very upset and break all the rules after being sad at night.
All three wake up in the morning after drinking all night and take a vow that somehow they will bring back the child.
All three find out when and where Rubi's wedding is taking place through their contacts.
And once the location was found, all three entered into Rubi's wedding function.
At the wedding function, they used to put masks on their faces.
Somehow, Albert meets Rubi. Albert tries to convince Rubi in every way and tells her that all of them have changed now that he is ready to marry Rubi.
Rubi does not agree and says it is too late. Albert falls on the ground in front of her and says, "If your husband will not accept the child, then come to me. I will accept both of you.
Rubi agrees with this.
On the next day of marriage, Rubi and her husband were going somewhere for their honeymoon by private airplane. She had also brought her daughter along with her. When the child started being taken on the airplane, Rubi's husband asked if this child would go on honeymoon too.
Rubi immediately remembered Albert's advice and also understood that her husband would not love her child.
Immediately, she changed her mind about going on a honeymoon.
She immediately reached out to Albert with her child and told him that his words were true.
My husband did not accept the girl, so I would soon leave her as per the law and marry you. Then we will all be together.
Hearing this, all of the three friends jumped with joy.


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