Fake Documents and Punishment for Forgery: The Ink Well Prompt #48

Fake Documents and Punishment for Forgery: The Ink Well Prompt #48

Arizona is one of the most beautiful states in America. I have heard that some of its citizens still live in old style in old streets. But Arizona brings the wild west scenery right in front of me. I also heard that Arizona was ranked lowly in air quality and cleanliness among American states.

This story is about José Ethan, from Arizona, who was a very lustful man. Ethan also had a bad habit of gambling. He used to go to gambling parties in the streets of the old city every day. These habits of Ethan's had made his financial condition very poor.

When he left home for the bank that morning, he didn't know that he was going to have one of the worst days of his life.

As soon as he reached the bank, his companion told him that Jacob was waiting for him. Jacob was his manager and a muscular man of about 45 years old.

Come on, Ethan, how are you now? I heard that your financial condition is not good, the manager asked.

"No sir, it is not so."

"Then why did a person come to the bank looking for you? He wasn't looking like a gentleman. "

Why would any bad person come looking for me, sir? He must be my cousin, who may have come because of a property deal.

The manager, sir, I do not know any crooks. I am currently helping some people sell a property.

Oh well, but remember that you are a respectable citizen and an employee of a very big bank. Any carelessness will ruin your career.

Yes, sir, I will remember your words. Saying this, Ethan got up from there and went to his cabin to get busy with his daily work.

After some time, an employee came to him again and said that a girl had come to meet you and was waiting for you in the reception room.

Ehan said, "Okay, and he reached the reception room. A beautiful but weak looking girl, maybe 25-26 years old, was waiting for him. She said she came from Lincoln burg and was sent by Sherman.

Yes please, "How can I help you?"

Sharman sent me to you, and he said, you would help me.

What help do you need?

"I want to talk to you somewhere alone," the girl said.

Alright then, you should wait for me at 8 o'clock at Cafe Ritz. I will be there after duty.

After duty, Ethan reached Cafe Ritz at around 8 o'clock and there he found the same weak looking girl on a corner seat.

Tell me how I can help you?

The girl took a deep breath and said, "I am Sarah." We have the inheritance of a massive mansion but are unable to sell it. We heard that some people are willing to buy this property, and you can help us sell it.

house 1.jpg

What's the problem then? How can I help?

Actually, my father has not been doing any work for a long time, and he has a number of loans from your bank, and this house is also mortgaged by your bank.

The water, electricity, income tax, bank interest, and principal amount of this house are so high that whatever amount we get will go to repay the loan. Nothing will come into our hands.

How can I help you? And what will be my profit?

We have come to know that you too have wasted a lot of money by gambling, and you are in debt and need money. Sarah winked at him.

Yes, that is right. But you haven't told me yet what to do.

Listen carefully to me. You get us a fake certificate from the bank, on which the amount of the loan and interest are very small amounts. We will give you $50,000 for this work. According to our knowledge, you have to give the same amount to creditors.

But the police will send me to jail for the fake certificate. I will also lose my job.

We will not tell anyone that you gave us the certificate.

For a while, Ethan thought and said yes. The meeting ended.

After 15 days, Ethan prepared a fake certificate on the letterhead of the bank and gave it to Sarah .

With the help of this certificate, Sarah sold the house and fled from the city with her father.

When the buyer of the house tried to take back the title of the house from the bank, he came to know that the house had more liability than its cost.

The buyer then filed a report with the police.

The seller was not apprehended by the police, but it proved that Ethan was involved in the forgery of the certificate. The police arrested him and sent the case to court.

The court sentenced Ethan to five years for the offence of forging a certificate.

Ethan is in jail at present.


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