End of an artist

Action, Lights, Camera, Roll Sound
On hearing this, there was peace on the set. The camera started moving in its revolving position, the cameramen got engrossed and started preparing for the shooting.
The actors started their scene on the set. After a few take-retakes, the scene was OK.
The director called the junior artist, Larry, and congratulated him on his work.
Larry Thompson was a junior artist in the cinema and was becoming increasingly prominent in film and plays.
He was very happy today to be encouraged by the director.
Filled with happiness, he started going from there to the second set.
On the way, he was engrossed in his thoughts, so his attention was diverted from driving when a young woman came in front of his car.
There was a very strong collision, and the woman fainted and fell to the ground.
Larry Thompson was shocked and hurried out of the driving seat.
Coming outside, he saw that a very beautiful but simple woman was lying under his car.


Larry, with the help of passers-by, put the woman on the back seat of the car, and drove the car rapidly to the nearest hospital.
The staff in the hospital immediately admitted the woman to the ICU and started her treatment.
After about 7 days, the woman regained consciousness.
Meanwhile, Larry Thompson never left the hospital anywhere.
When the woman regained consciousness, Larry Thompson was overjoyed and thanked God.
As soon as she regained consciousness, the woman looked at the doctors and the nurse present there and then asked, "Where am I?
Who are you?"
And who am I?
On hearing this question, all the people present there were stunned.
The doctor asked everyone to leave the patient's room.
He only told Larry to stay there.
Now only three people were available in the room. The doctor very politely asked the woman, "Do you really not know who you are?"
The patient nodded his neck in disagreement and asked the doctor, who brought me here, what happened to me, and who is this? She pointed to Larry.
The doctor told her that she had an accident and that this man brought her to the hospital for her treatment. His name is Larry.
The doctor called Larry to his room and said that now she has no physical injuries, but she may have lost her memory due to the head injury, and when memory will come back, or never come back, can't be said.
Now we can't keep her in the hospital. You can take her wherever you want.
saying ok Larry pays the hospital bills and takes the woman with him to his home.
After bringing her home, Larry took full care of her.
Due to her mental condition, the woman was behaving like a child.
Larry gave her a new name, Lily. Larry also started raising her like a child.

Several months had passed, but the woman did not know who she was, where she was from, or what was her real name.
Is she from this city or outside?
With the passage of time, Larry left all his work and continued to take care of her and fell in deep love with her.
She also fell in love with Larry, but as a child, and because she treated Larry as a father, there was no such thing as a woman in her mind.
She insists on everything and used to cry and slam her feet like a small child.
Larry was an artist. He understood that he would also have to treat her like a child, only then she would get well soon.
Time passed. One day, suddenly, Larry saw Lily's face on the news on television. The newsreader told that this woman had been missing for the last 1-2 years and the woman was a resident of Madrid, Spain. a big businesswoman in Madrid and her name was Lady Brooklyn.
A $5,000 reward will be given to the person who can provide information about this woman.
The mobile numbers and addresses were being displayed in the news.
Larry heaved a sigh of relief and he informed the phone number mentioned in the news that the woman was with him. He also informed them about the whole incident.
From that side, it was told that the woman was a very wealthy woman from Madrid, who had come to your city for a meeting. Since then, no one knows about her.
We will take her in 2 days and you will get the reward.
Larry was saddened by the thought of separating from her, but also glad that she was going home.
The next day, in the evening, both Larry and so-called Lily went to the market, but there was a stampede due to fire in the market.
In this incident, Lily gets injured again and Larry takes her to the hospital.
When she recovers, Lily's memory comes back; now she refuses to recognize Larry Thompson.
Larry reminds her of all the details of the 2 years spent with her, but she does not remember anything.
The next day, the family members come to pick up Lily. She leaves with them and does not look back at Larry.
Poor Larry keeps on weeping.
His soul and inner artist die.

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